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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Album of the Week

Ah, well. :) We'll never know how this works until we try, eh?

First, I wanted to go ahead and say something. I have a lot of albums. A. Lot. Last time I counted, it was around 120, and that was over two years ago: I've gotten atleast 30 more albums since then. However, I am not even going to try and pretend that I have everything. No. Not even close.

My point. If you want to nominate an album for me to do this on, go ahead and nominate it. Please. ^_^ But if I don't have it...Well, I'll work out something to where you can do it. Just get in contact with me through the comments and let me know.

Alright. That's it for the housekeeping.

ARTIST: The Who (official web page:
Roger Daltrey Pictures, Images and Photos
Roger Daltrey, lead vocals and harmonica (1 March 1944)
Keith Moon Pictures, Images and Photos
Keith Moon, drums (23 August 1946 -- 7 September 1978)
john entwhistle Pictures, Images and Photos
John Entwhistle, bass and vocals(9 October 1944 -- 27 June 2002) <--Extra credit if you can tell me who else in rock history was born on the ninth of October. ;) Pete Townshend Pictures, Images and Photos
Pete Townshend, guitar and keys and vocals (19 May 1945)
ALBUM: Who's Next (I have the 2001 bonus track edition)
1. Baba O'Riley
2. Bargain
3. Love Ain't for Keeping
4. My Wife
5. The Song is Over
6. Getting in Tune
7. Going Mobile (In this one, The Who is featured as a three-piece with only Pete Townshend doing guitar and vocals, John Entwhistle on bass, and Keith Moon on drums.)
8. Behind Blue Eyes
9. Won't Get Fooled Again
10. Pure and Easy (released 2001)
11. Baby Don't You Do It (released 2001)
12. Naked Eye
13. Water (released 2001)
14. Too Much of Anything
15. I Don't Even Know Myself
16. Behind Blue Eyes (released 2001)
Who's next Pictures, Images and Photos
ABOUT THE SLEEVE: "'Who's Next' appeared in a striking sleeve, photographed by Ethan A. Russell, which became famous in its own right. It bore no reference to 'Lifehouse.' The band had discovered a concrete monolith on a Sheffield slag-heap, a potent symbol of alienation and the mundane uniformity of modern life. This was a wonderful example of real life surrealism, for which the band could find no other purpose than to piss upon! (An earlier, less-cerebral sleeve of keith in wig and corset was thankfully rejected.)"--John Atkins, editer of Who fanzine "Generations."

Interesting tidbit: This album started out as another rock opera by Pete, who wanted to do something bigger and better than Tommy ever saw the day to be. The project was to be called Lighthouse, and it was basically about a boy that lived "pretend" life inside of a sort of bubble. It was going to be not only an album, but also a major motion picture. However, nobody was really able to understand Pete's story but Pete himself, and so the project became Who's Next, which salvaged the music, minus the story. Not all tracks are from this: My Wife was an extra from a recording project of John Entwhistle's.


(This has the original track listing.)
Here's also a really good DVD that I have that accompanies the album. It tells the story behind the album, with interviews from the band and its cohorts.

Also, Pete does an accoustic version of Behind Blue Eyes on it...I'd pay the price of the DVD just to see that. :)

All in all, this is a wonderful, wonderful album. For what it's worth, I highly recommend it. One of my all-time favorite albums from one of my all-time favorite bands.

Give it a listen! :)

Oh, and a little something extra...

Has anybody seen this? What do you think of it? If you don't own it, are you foaming at the mouth as badly as I am to get it...?

Random bits and ends. :)

First of all, I wanted to share with you MY favorite blog on the web:

I LOVE this thing. Mojo is one of - if not THE one - my favorite music mags, but it costs an arm and a leg to subscribe to it. Well, about $80 last time I checked annually, but I suppose that's a good deal seeing as you get a CD with each issue. So I suppose the matter is that I simply don't have $80 a year to blow on magazines. :P

Second of all...

Video of the week. Sorry about not posting one last week, but I was a bit...preoccupied. That sort of thing happens when you have your hot, British boyfriend visiting you.

Go on and barf. You're just jealous. ;)


I just realized something...this is the last video of the week of '08...

Ain't that just touching? :P

This kind of format will continue on into the new year, but I'm also thinking of doing a "Monthly Mash-up" kind of deal with a different theme each month. For instance, I might choose to, say, do something on Lovely Lori Lightning (Lori Maddox, groupie, dated Jimmy Page). I'd get pictures of her, set them to music, and do a bit of a narration. Or not. Maybe just text. I'm still working on this. :)

Also, I'm thinking of starting an Album of the Week thing. I'm not sure about that one yet: it's easy to be ambitious when I'm sitting here out of school with nothing else better to do.

Although, you guys are near the top of my list, anyway. :)

The top being schoolwork, I suppose...but I kind of have to say that, don't I?

Okay, sorry, sorry, I'm posting the video now. XD This is my favorite Oasis song. Masterplan. The song alone is great, but I love the animation in the video, and how Beatles-esque it is.


Oh, and if these videos for some reason aren't playing for you - I'm not sure if MTV works internationally - please let me know, and I'll work something else out. These videos are better quality than Youtube, but if they're not working...well, let me know. :)


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Britney's back...

Just on a side note, to be honest, the crazy vegetarian in me gets really angry at this video because of the use of wild animals. Circuses bother me: some animals aren't meant to be bent to the will of man. Zoos bother me, too. But that's just me.


To be honest, I like Britney Spears. Not enough to buy one of her albums--although one of the first albums I ever received was Oops! I Did It Again when I was seven years old--but her stuff is catchy. Toxic, Crazy, and now Circus...Perhaps I should be shot. How dare I like pop, eh?

But Britney's been "coming back" for a while now, after she went nuts and shaved her hair (For the record, it was only cool with Annie Lennox.) and married KFed. Oh, just curious, if any of you know, did Federline become "KFed" after he married Britney?

Okay, so she went batty for a while in there. But now, she's come back. Well, she's still on the trip, I think. Isn't her dad still helping her out? She hasn't pulled any stunts lately, and even TMZ has chilled out with making fun of her. Then again, if even TMZ pities you, you have some serious issues...

But I had a question for all of you. What do you think of Britney? I know it's a really vague question. Answer it in any way you like.

Personally, I like her. I was a huge fan of hers when I was a little girl. I watched concerts of hers on TV and danced to her songs and knew all of her lyrics. But then she started to leave her squeaky-clean image. As soon as I saw Slave 4 U, I was horrified, to be frank. XD I was raised in a Christian home, and that video came as a huge shock to me. After that, I abandoned bubblegum pop for a while and hid in with Franz Ferdinand and Creed and other things that most girls in fourth grade would never dream of listening to.

I don't know...I feel like people wouldn't give Britney such issues if she hadn't abandoned her clean image. But I guess she had to grow up and make her own decisions. She messed up. So does everybody else on the planet, right? But then one screw up led to another and, well, she drove her life into the ditch. I don't need to go into details...please don't make me.XD You can watch the news all by yourself. And I've heard so much about her on the news that I really don't feel like recanting it to you.

I'm glad she's coming back, to be honest. I'm not that big of a fan, and I'll probably never spend another dime on any of her merchandise, but as a fellow human being, I'm glad she's back. She needs it. For sanity's sake.

And, for the record, I don't think she's crazy. Just human. And aren't we all just a little nutty?

And that's what I think. ;)

Oh, and for extra credit for you...(THERE WILL BE A QUIZ!!! Ha.XD)

Listen to each of these, and tell me which you prefer.



New album for Muse?

muse Pictures, Images and Photos
First off, here's the official site.

On a random note, I want one of the mugs. They're preeeetty. XD

Anyway, I just looked up the possibility of a new Muse album on that site, and instead found a really cool forum where the band answers questions from fans. I'll look more into that later, but the only thing I could find on a new album when I ran a search on the site was in regards to Black Holes and Revelations, which came out in 2006.

Apparently, they started work on a new album sometime this past year after doing a collab track with The Streets called "Who Knows Who." It was leaked on, for those of you that are curious.

When asked about when the new album would be coming out, bassist Christopher Wolstenholme said, "It would be nice to have the album out in the second half of next year (2009) but we have not set ourselves any targets. It is more important for us to make the best album we have made to date and if that means it comes out in 2010then we don’t mind. Hopefully it will be sooner though."

Sorry, kiddies. I know that's old news, but it's all I've got right now. I'll keep an eye out for more on this for you. :) If you find out anything, please let me know.

Anybody up for New Year's resolutions?

Franz Ferdinand Pictures, Images and Photos
Ah, yeah. Those things. Half the time, I forget I've even made one and go on to break it.

This year, I'm going to do something very foolish and say that I won't.

Maybe because I'll have it posted on here, so I'll feel like I have to prove something to you by going through with it. ;)

THIS YEAR. 2009. (I'm going to be 17 this coming year. I. Feel. So. Old!) I WILL COMPLETE A NOVEL. NOT JUST A ROUGH DRAFT. I've done that three times. BUT A FINAL DRAFT. A COMPLETE NOVEL. BUAHAHA!

And a second one? That this will no longer be my diary, and that it will be an actual music blog! WHAT IT WAS MEANT TO BE IN THE FIRST PLACE! /GAAAAASP! If you guys care enough about the "diary" aspect of this, whether they be screwy dreams or whatever (Psh.XD), comment, and if I get enough outraged fans (Again, Psssshh.XD) I'll create a second blog purely for that purpose. But this was supposed to be a music blog. Kinda veered away from that. But I'm trying to set it right now.

So...Just for curiousity's sake...does anybody else have a resolution? Leave a comment! :)

Oh, and also for curiousity's sake...If you were given gift cards/ money for Christmas, what are you going to spend it on? I'm thinking about getting The Bravery's latest CD (The Sun and the Moon), Cobra Starship's latest (Viva la Cobra!), and Franz Ferdinand's third album, which is coming out 26 January 2009.


I love le Franz. XD

Here's their Myspace. Ulysses will be on the new album (Tonight: Franz Ferdinand), as well as Lucid Dreams, which is awesomely awesomely awesome and is probably my favorite Franz track right now. And that means a lot. It's ranked up there with 40` from the first album and Outsiders from the second album in my book. (those two are my favorites. Call me an oddball.)

As of yet, they're not scheduled to come to the States, but they have dates all over Europe, from the UK to Sweden. They even have a date in Tasmania down in the land down under. You lucky people. ;)

I've personally never seen them live in person, but I have seen them on a DVD they released a while ago...Which I love with a burning passion. They are brilliant live. They aren't exactly the best musicians ever, but they're fun to watch. Very fun to watch. Everytime I've seen a recorded performance of them, they send out this energy to the crowd that has them screaming for blood...XD It's fantastic.

If you can, watch a recording of them at T in the Park in Scotland doing Take Me Out. You'll see what I mean.

And here's their official site.

I'm so excited!


I am such a fan girl. XD

Speaking of fans...


No wonder they're not coming here.

That's just depressing.

If any of you lovely people can find one, please say something so I can contact them and get the USA put on the list. I'll be looking, too.

Any questions? Not necessarily even about just FF, but any other band. Shoot them at me, and I'll do my best to answer them. :)Believe it or not, I'm actually a little bit more than just a fan girl. I'm fairly knowledgeable about the bands I like, and can resource to find out what I don't know. Hard to believe from a 16 year old with a bright pink blog that can't stay on one subject for more than two seconds, huh? ;) But seriously. Please help me point this ship in the right direction. :)

Love you guys!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Two Things. :)

end of mcvicar Pictures, Images and Photos
(^Roger Daltrey as McVicar in the film by the same name. A good movie, but a little more romantic than the actual story. But hey, who's complaining? Roger Daltrey's in it.)
One: READ MCVICAR BY HIMSELF. If you can somehow get a copy of the book, do. It's really, really good. I'd been searching for years (not exaggerating!) for this book, and now that I have it...Well, Roger Daltrey said it best: "This is a book you do put down...because you want it to last."

McVicar by Himself is the true story about John McVicar, one of Britain's most wanted in the 1960's. He was sentenced to 23-years in prison, and he escaped twice (I think it was twice...). Finally, he decided that, if he was captured again, he would stay in prison and turn himself around. And that's what he did. He wrote his memoirs in prison, scripted a movie based on his life, and basically went from being "a bank robber, a prisoner, an escapee," to being "a journalist, a broadcaster, an athlete, an author, a publisher."

He's also, for as much as it's worth, one of the main reasons why I want to be a journalist when I get older.

I love his writing's very distinctive. No frills. He just tells it like it is. And I love it.

You can visit him at

Two: GABE SAPORTA. Yes, yes. We still like him muchly. Saporta, who is the lead singer of Cobra Starship (Snakes on a Plane? Oh, yes.) and was the lead singer of Midtown was recently featured in this ad by PETA2.
Now you have another reason not to wear fur. Sure, a bandwagon reason, but hey. He's a gorgeous bandwagon reason, if I may say so myself.




Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns!

kiss Pictures, Images and Photos
You will watch it. Why will you watch it? Because Roger Daltrey is in it. He plays the faerie king. XD

For those of you that get the channel Ion, it'll be on tomorrow night at 7pm. Join me in watching it! :)

Merry Belated Christmas!

I guess that would be the word for it.

Ooh, and I've gotten over ten thousand hits! WHOOOO!!! That's awesome. XD Thanks, guys! I love ya's.

Hm...I feel like I should do something special to celebrate.


You can take 'em. You can use 'em. You can link 'em here and show your love!

Because I've shown you love. For two years.

/guilt /guilt

Nah. I don't need to guilt you. Because you love me. Right?

(If you have any more ideas, please let me know. Or make one for me. Because my love for you is undying and deep. Or just because it would be a really, really nice thing for you to do. I'll make more later, though.)

I love you guys! See you around, and happy new year!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Please watch this and give this girl some appreciation!

My friend Daesia (aka idirectorr) has put her heart and soul into a movie that she did on the Sims. It is so cool...XD She's been working on it for forever.

Down side?

She's not releasing it because nobody's seeming interested.

Here's the trailer. :)

So, please watch it. Tell your friends. Ask them to tell their friends. And leave comments and ratings. Please...

She's worked really hard on this since April. I remember being in Spanish with her last year, watching her work on scripts and assigning people to different parts under her desk...She was really into this then, and she's just as into it now.

Show this girl some love!

Oh, and on a side note: I probably won't be getting on much this upcoming week. No video of the week...Well, perhaps a really late one. Vhy?


Yep. Danny's coming! I get to see him this afternoon. And just in case you were wondering what he's been up to...

My beau is on the right, at the piano, just in case you've had the misfortune of not ever seeing him. ;) His older brother, Jaime, is singing lead. This is a song by one of their friends. Again, show them some love. :) Hey, it's the holiday season. You have to be nice or else, I don't know, you'll get coal in your stocking or the world will fall off of its axis or something. ;)

And, if I don't get a chancelater, and even if I do, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Feeling a little 80's, lovies?

Robert Plant Pictures, Images and Photos
No...? Well, that's just too bad, isn't it? ;)

In the Mood, Robert Plant. Album is Principle of Moments.

And sorry for not blogging much. Midterms are coming up, and I'm about to drown, I think...but it's okay.:) It'll all be over soon...And I mean that in a very happy way, not a twisted way that would make my mother take my leg razor away from me. :P

Danny's going to be here this coming Wednesday...This makes me a very happy girl. :)

I don't know what else to talk about...I'm thinking about heading this blog back towards music. It's veered off a bit...This is not my diary! XD I ought to stop treating it as such, I suppose...I don't know. Do you like hearing my silly opinion on every little thing? :P

Anyway. I've got to go clean my room, so I'll go ahead and get out of your hair. If you don't hear from me for a while, I swear I'm not dead. Just dying from work overload.

But now? Now, I'm happy. I'm going to go back to my room and burn some insense and maybe turn on my lava lamp and watch The Who or Led Zeppelin or something...

I'm such a hippie.XD

Love you guys. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Winter Solstice...And whatever else holiday I can't remember right now...That African one...

KWANZAA! That's the one.XD

Anyway, whatever your holiday is, have a happy one. :)


PS: Yes, I probably misspelled those holidays. Shoot meh.:P

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tales of Brave Ulysses

So, I am generally of the mind that Eric Clapton is overrated...but this song is addicting! And the video is of my own creation. ^_^

Has anybody heard of Elton John/Billy Joel going on tour? I probably won't go to see them, but if any of you do, please let me know. ^_^ Comment or something and tell me how it is...XD I love concerts, but I am a poor kid. Poor kids don't get to go to concerts.

Except for Robert Plant/Alison Krauss because this cool kid has amazing parents.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I'll pretend I am kissing the lips I am missing...

And remember I'll always be true! And then while I'm away, I'll write home everyday, and send all my lovin' to you!

Danny...<3Hope this cheers you up just a little bit.^_^
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