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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Britney's back...

Just on a side note, to be honest, the crazy vegetarian in me gets really angry at this video because of the use of wild animals. Circuses bother me: some animals aren't meant to be bent to the will of man. Zoos bother me, too. But that's just me.


To be honest, I like Britney Spears. Not enough to buy one of her albums--although one of the first albums I ever received was Oops! I Did It Again when I was seven years old--but her stuff is catchy. Toxic, Crazy, and now Circus...Perhaps I should be shot. How dare I like pop, eh?

But Britney's been "coming back" for a while now, after she went nuts and shaved her hair (For the record, it was only cool with Annie Lennox.) and married KFed. Oh, just curious, if any of you know, did Federline become "KFed" after he married Britney?

Okay, so she went batty for a while in there. But now, she's come back. Well, she's still on the trip, I think. Isn't her dad still helping her out? She hasn't pulled any stunts lately, and even TMZ has chilled out with making fun of her. Then again, if even TMZ pities you, you have some serious issues...

But I had a question for all of you. What do you think of Britney? I know it's a really vague question. Answer it in any way you like.

Personally, I like her. I was a huge fan of hers when I was a little girl. I watched concerts of hers on TV and danced to her songs and knew all of her lyrics. But then she started to leave her squeaky-clean image. As soon as I saw Slave 4 U, I was horrified, to be frank. XD I was raised in a Christian home, and that video came as a huge shock to me. After that, I abandoned bubblegum pop for a while and hid in with Franz Ferdinand and Creed and other things that most girls in fourth grade would never dream of listening to.

I don't know...I feel like people wouldn't give Britney such issues if she hadn't abandoned her clean image. But I guess she had to grow up and make her own decisions. She messed up. So does everybody else on the planet, right? But then one screw up led to another and, well, she drove her life into the ditch. I don't need to go into details...please don't make me.XD You can watch the news all by yourself. And I've heard so much about her on the news that I really don't feel like recanting it to you.

I'm glad she's coming back, to be honest. I'm not that big of a fan, and I'll probably never spend another dime on any of her merchandise, but as a fellow human being, I'm glad she's back. She needs it. For sanity's sake.

And, for the record, I don't think she's crazy. Just human. And aren't we all just a little nutty?

And that's what I think. ;)

Oh, and for extra credit for you...(THERE WILL BE A QUIZ!!! Ha.XD)

Listen to each of these, and tell me which you prefer.




  • At 3:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I like the womanizer by Britney Spears better and as for my opinions on her I think she has gotten the bad end of the deal I find it sad that she has lost her kids and all and I could see how that would drive anyone more so nutty than they already are :P but to me what makes it worse is that Kfed could only get the right to keep the kids after the media started tearing down her mommy skills, if the media had but out she might still have them. Sad... oh well glad she's back!


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