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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Character Personality Quiz

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I just finished making this quiz on Quizilla, so if you're here because you so kindly followed the link I gave in it, HI! Thanks for coming! Part One is below, (called something like "Just Fooling Around;" it's down there.) Part Two is a little above that, and parts three and four are above that. I also have a glossary and a character index.

So, why am I doing this? Half of it is shameless advertising, I'll admit. I wasn't getting a lot of people on here, and almost nobody (except my friends...I LOVE YOU GUYS!) had read it. Another reason is that I haven't written fantasy in AGES, and I wanted to know what others thought of my story. This is a bit of an experiment; I've been writing realistic fiction for a very long time, so I thought it was time to try my hand at something else...

Anywho, thanks for coming!

Oh, and if you're one of my old faithfuls that's been reading this stuff from day one and you haven't taken the character personality quiz yet, here's a link:

Enjoy! And please leave a comment! I like comments...They're pretty...And shiny...MY PRECIOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS...Haha, sorry, I had to do that. :)

Monday, May 21, 2007


Third post today! And about the same thing, too! I'm such a good blogger.

WARNING: If you don't want me to mess up your mental image of the characters, don't read on! I include pictures of who I think of the characters as. You have been warned! Reading this isn't necessary, but it COULD help, however.

Okay, ready?

Are you sure you want me to mess up your mental image?


Well, alrighty then!

Here we go!

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(Yes, I'm a dork: I like Highlander...)
A corrupt, evil man that's bent on ruling not only Karac, but the entire world. He will do whatever it takes to get that power, and the only thing getting in his way are those wretched, reincarnated Devaki that just *had* to come into mortal form during his reign. But it's not like he's going to let that stop him. In fact, it may work out to his advantage...

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Not much is known about him at this point, except that he seems rather creepy...There's much more to this man than meets the eye...

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A Devaki, Dhaval is killed in the very beginning of the story. His immortal soul, since it hasn't accomplished what it was supposed to in its mortal life, jumps into the nearest human being's mind, and moves in. He has power over light and life, and is rivals with Krishna. They're not enemies, but they don't like eachother very much...

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A crafty magician, he is Krishna's Darshan. He's incredibly resourceful, and has a good heart, even though he may seem incredibly sarcastic and biting at times.

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The Devaki of darkness, Krishna is in human form in this story. He also has power over death. He has a selfish nature, can be acidic, and is rather hard to become friends with...The closest thing he has to a friend is Kami, and look how he treats him. The only thing he really wants in life is to be happy, though.

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A young, unassuming girl of fifteen, Miranda just lost her adoptive father, Dhaval. She was his Darshan, but now it seems that he's living inside of a very literal sense. She is much too innocent for her age, partially because of a curse laid on her that she's trying her best to keep hidden from everybody...

Hope this has helped!


YAY! I finally made one; I never thought being bored in Spanish class would pay off! :)

This is for the story I've been posting on here, so if you've been confused as to some of the terms I've been using, look no further! If there are other words that I use that you don't understand, please post a comment telling me. But if it's something you can find in a dictionary, don't; look it up. But if you can't, I'll be more than happy to help! :)

Okay, so here we go...

AGRATA--Basically the king, a ruler. In this story, he is corrupt.

DARSHAN--A servant to the Devaki. They interpret the will of the Devaki, and act as a sort of prophet/magician/medium/high priest, all rolled up into one. Each Devaki has one.

DEVAKI--The divinities of Karac. There are two: Dhaval (light) and Krishna (dark). They keep eachother in balace: one is not more powerful than the other, and they eacy have power over 1/2 the world. Krishna, in essence, *is* darkness, and he is served by the elements of fire (Pyralis) and earth (Terran), which he created. These elements are represented by Anjali, but don't worry about them; they only come into the story seriously if I decide to write a sequel after I write the first one. ;)

Dhaval, who is essentially light, is served by two Anjali as well: water (Aquarius) and air (Brisias).

The Devaki are omipresent, except when they're reincarnated in human form, which they do every 500 years. When in human form, the Devaki must fulfill their destiny (whatever that may be) before they can go on with their omnipresent badness. If they are killed before they do this, then their soul is transferred to the nearest human being, and they get a second shot at their destiny. That mortal that the Devaki then resides in basically becomes the Devaki, but they've still got their old soul as well. This is why Miranda "hears voices."

KARAC-- The land where all of this story takes place! I named it after Karac Plant, Robert Plant's son that died too young. Robert Plant has been a huge inspiration for this story, so it was really the least I could do. :)

Confuzzled? Me, too! :) It took me AGES to work all this out! If you have any questions at all about what any of this means, or if I don't explain something well enough for your liking, hit me up with a comment, and I'll do my best to answer you!

Part 4

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Well, I got cracking on part four today, and I'm already working on part five! Ain't ya proud? I'm going to go ahead and warn you, I'm only posting through part five, because I don't want my whole baby on here; it makes me feel icky. And besides, I want to try and get it published once it's finished, and I can't do it if this whole thing is right here. So, we shall call what is here "Sample Chapters." Yeah. And since I write short chapters, you get five. Bedumdiggity. Anywho, my next two posts will be a character profile and a GLOSSARY! YAY! YOU CAN FINALLY FIND OUT WHAT A DEVAKI IS! :D Okay, well, here's part four!

Kami ran his foot over the circle he had drawn in the dirt around the area where the tent had been moments before.

Miranda looked at him curiously and pointed, “What’s that for?”

Kami glanced up, then went back to what he was doing. “That is…Well, was, now, actually, a protective ring.”

“Oh…” Miranda said, seemingly comprehending, from her seat in the grass. “What’s that?”

Kami smiled and, finished with the circle, sat down next to Miranda. “Basically, it’s just a ring that doesn’t let anybody in, without me inviting him. Or her.” He nudged Miranda gently.

She grinned and asked, “Do you draw it with your finger, or a stick, or what?”

“No. I draw it with this knife,” he said proudly. He flicked his seemingly empty sleeve with his middle finger, causing a blade to fall out. “It’s been passed down in my family since Krishna’s first Darshan came into existence. Here, you can look at it if you like.” He passed it to her.

She took it, captivated.

The blade itself was made of solid, untarnished silver. It was sharp only on one side, and the hilt was cold, black, glossy, interrupted only by three gemstones, running down the hilt in a vertical line.

“Those are pretty,” Miranda said, caressing one of them. It was brilliantly red, unblemished, and felt warm under her touch.

Kami leaned over her shoulder, “They represent the elements over which Krishna has control. That one’s fire…” He pointed to the red one, “and that one’s earth.” He indicated a murky, green gem with brown specks through it.

“What about that one?” Miranda leaned her head on his shoulder, looking pointedly at a dark, nearly black stone. She squinted her eyes together to focus on it; instead of black, it was a deep, bottomless purple.

“That one represents darkness, since it has control over those other two elements,” Kami stated plainly.

“So…since you have that knife…You’re Krishna’s servant? His Darshan?” Miranda asked sluggishly.

“You catch on quick,” Kami said, then stood, stretching his arms up and over his head and staring out over the emerald green field.

Miranda frowned and pulled out an almost identical blade from a small sheath at her hip that her adoptive father had given her a few years back. Everything about it was the same as Kami’s: the length of the blade, the positions of the gems. The only differences were the colors of the hilts, and the types of jewels.

Kami turned around, and glanced down at the knife in Miranda’s hands. “What’ve you got there?” He stooped down on the ground and, after taking his own knife from her lap, took her own from her hands.

The hilt, in contrast to Kami’s, was a gleaming, pearly white. And the gems, instead of green, red, and purple, were a shimmering diamond that threw specks of light out, a sunny, yellow stone, and a fathomless aquamarine.

Kami’s eyes grew large. “Krishna? Krishna!” he called, running towards the brook that bubbled on the edge of the field, about a quarter of a mile east of where the tent had been, in a little break in the forest’s clutches.

“Krishna!” he repeated. He stumbled, but regained his balance before he could fall.

Miranda stared curiously after him, wondering if she was the only one that was hearing voices.

“KRISHNA!” Kami shouted.

A blonde head poked up, the sunlight glinting off of the hairs, throwing bits of red through it.

Kami, now that he was at the brook, stopped abruptly and tried to hand the dagger over to Krishna. “Look at that.”

Krishna warily looked Kami up and down and crossed his arms across his chest. “Were you just running with a blade? That’s not very smart. What if you fell? You could have stabbed yours--”

Kami sharply shook his head, “Please just look at it. It’s really important.”

Krishna sighed. “Give me a minute.” He wiped the water off of his face with his forearm from where he had been washing up, and then said, “Alright. Let me see it.”

Kami handed it over; Krishna looked it over intently.

“Huh…That’s interesting…Where did you find this?”

“I didn’t; it’s Miranda’s.”

Krishna nodded and turned the blade over. “That’s very interesting…”

“You know what it means, don’t you?” Kami asked, a wild look coming into his eye.

“The entire balance of the universe is being thrown off because Miranda is Dhaval’s
Darshan, and Dhaval is inside of her, making her a Devaki as well. The well-being of half the world is in the hands of a clueless teenager that has more power than any mere mortal has any right to have, and she has no idea. Yes, I’m quite aware of what it means.” He yawned, bored, and handed the blade back to Kami.

“This is a big deal,” said Kami.

Krishna stood, the sunlight gleaming against his long, lean muscles. “I know that, moron. I was one of the ones that came up with the whole thing. But sitting around, going on about what a big deal it is isn’t going to help matters.” He began to walk off. “We need to get moving.”

Kami followed him, handing over a black shirt he’d just pulled out of his own sleeve. “What about the girl?” he asked.

Krishna took the shirt and pulled it over his head, “She’s coming with us. It seems we have no other choice. Is everything packed?”

Kami patted his jacket. “Yep.”

“Alright. Well, go get Miranda. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover before nightfall if we want to sleep somewhere out of the Agrata’s reach. Don’t we?”

Kami nodded.

“Let’s go, then.”

Again, Kami nodded, and they both set off in Miranda’s direction, where she sat, confused as to the little bit that she knew of what was going on, and completely oblivious to the rest. And that was the way that Kami and Krishna intended to keep it. She didn’t seem to have the mental capacity to find out that she was a goddess at the drop of a hat.

Who does?

Saturday, May 19, 2007

AnOtHeR oNe BiTeS tHe DuSt!!!

Okay, so Grey's ecstatically happy right now. She just got back from an honour's chorus shindig, where you learn four pieces of music and perform them (all in a 24 hour span...Which wasn't made easier, by the way, by the fact that I'm a soprano, and I had to sing alto). Anywho, it went marvelously. I also got Guitar Hero II last week, and I beat it on easy (that's a big accomplishment for me; I don't know how on earth I find the time for video games), AND a group at school and I won this mural competition with a design that I came up with. Yeah, I'm just a little bit happy. Oh, and there is the little thing that I finished my first novel today. Yep. You remember the one that I posted that sample chapter to, with Ewan and Molly and Toby and them? Yep. I finished it today; it's about 370 pages. The one that took me a year to write. Yeppity yep yep.

I feel a cheerleader-ish squeal/bounce/clap coming on...


I warned you.

So now I can focus more on my fantasy thingy that I post in here! One thing, though: I'm still going to be revising my newly-finished novel, so if I still don't post (now THAT'S not something you're used to. <---sarcasm), don't kill me. Killing isn't nice.

So...Yeah. That's my update! Love ya!

(I'll put in the Pic of the Day later; I'm using dial up on my Nana's computer right now, and I don't want to murder it.)
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