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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Anybody up for New Year's resolutions?

Franz Ferdinand Pictures, Images and Photos
Ah, yeah. Those things. Half the time, I forget I've even made one and go on to break it.

This year, I'm going to do something very foolish and say that I won't.

Maybe because I'll have it posted on here, so I'll feel like I have to prove something to you by going through with it. ;)

THIS YEAR. 2009. (I'm going to be 17 this coming year. I. Feel. So. Old!) I WILL COMPLETE A NOVEL. NOT JUST A ROUGH DRAFT. I've done that three times. BUT A FINAL DRAFT. A COMPLETE NOVEL. BUAHAHA!

And a second one? That this will no longer be my diary, and that it will be an actual music blog! WHAT IT WAS MEANT TO BE IN THE FIRST PLACE! /GAAAAASP! If you guys care enough about the "diary" aspect of this, whether they be screwy dreams or whatever (Psh.XD), comment, and if I get enough outraged fans (Again, Psssshh.XD) I'll create a second blog purely for that purpose. But this was supposed to be a music blog. Kinda veered away from that. But I'm trying to set it right now.

So...Just for curiousity's sake...does anybody else have a resolution? Leave a comment! :)

Oh, and also for curiousity's sake...If you were given gift cards/ money for Christmas, what are you going to spend it on? I'm thinking about getting The Bravery's latest CD (The Sun and the Moon), Cobra Starship's latest (Viva la Cobra!), and Franz Ferdinand's third album, which is coming out 26 January 2009.


I love le Franz. XD

Here's their Myspace. Ulysses will be on the new album (Tonight: Franz Ferdinand), as well as Lucid Dreams, which is awesomely awesomely awesome and is probably my favorite Franz track right now. And that means a lot. It's ranked up there with 40` from the first album and Outsiders from the second album in my book. (those two are my favorites. Call me an oddball.)

As of yet, they're not scheduled to come to the States, but they have dates all over Europe, from the UK to Sweden. They even have a date in Tasmania down in the land down under. You lucky people. ;)

I've personally never seen them live in person, but I have seen them on a DVD they released a while ago...Which I love with a burning passion. They are brilliant live. They aren't exactly the best musicians ever, but they're fun to watch. Very fun to watch. Everytime I've seen a recorded performance of them, they send out this energy to the crowd that has them screaming for blood...XD It's fantastic.

If you can, watch a recording of them at T in the Park in Scotland doing Take Me Out. You'll see what I mean.

And here's their official site.

I'm so excited!


I am such a fan girl. XD

Speaking of fans...


No wonder they're not coming here.

That's just depressing.

If any of you lovely people can find one, please say something so I can contact them and get the USA put on the list. I'll be looking, too.

Any questions? Not necessarily even about just FF, but any other band. Shoot them at me, and I'll do my best to answer them. :)Believe it or not, I'm actually a little bit more than just a fan girl. I'm fairly knowledgeable about the bands I like, and can resource to find out what I don't know. Hard to believe from a 16 year old with a bright pink blog that can't stay on one subject for more than two seconds, huh? ;) But seriously. Please help me point this ship in the right direction. :)

Love you guys!


  • At 4:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I liked the diary! 'Tis Danny. Although this new music blog is interesting, too. ^_^ Keep it going :)


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