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Thursday, July 31, 2008

200th post!

And it's a depressing one. Sorry, folks. XD If this doesn't make much sense, it's because I just got up: I wanted to type this up before I forgot it. I'm already beginning to.

In the start of the dream, I was at the beach, and it was beginning to rain. A lifeguard there saw me and decided that he liked what he saw. He began hitting on me, and I told him my name. He said, "What do I care for your name?" and looked me over lustfully. I situated myself under his umbrella on his stand and said. "Well, I don't know...maybe you could take me out on a date or something." He laughed at my silliness, not understanding why a date or even a name was needed for what he wanted to do, but obliged.

The dream fast-forwarded. Apparently, my suggestion that we went on a date wasn't a bad one: we fell in love, got married, and had four children. Then, one day, I was looking out of the window of my house when all of my kids were at school and my husband was at work.

In the yard, I saw two of the same person fighting: my close friend, Becca.

I frowned and went outside to see what kind of a trick my eyes were playing on me. One of the the Beccas was smirking, and the other one looked scared.

I followed them through the yard, trying to stop them. The one that was smirking looked up at me and said, "You've been happy for long enough. Nothing is ever perfect." (Or something like that: I don't remember exactly.) Then, she killed the real Becca--don't remember how--and disappeared.

The dream fast-forwarded until I was standing there, looking around at all of my children, who had also been killed. Finally, I went running inside, crying. My husband had just returned from work. I threw myself on him and begged him not to go outside, to stay close to me, that I couldn't bear to lose anyone else. He looked at me like I was crazy but smiled reassuringly. "Of course I won't go outside. Why should I?" he said carefully, holding me close.

I shook uncontrollably with my sobs then finally said, "They're all dead."

Abruptly, he pulled away. "Who's all dead?"

"Becca, our children, the dog...They're all dead!"


I clung to him again. "I don't know, but don't go outside!"

He looked down and me and gently peeled me off. "Sweetheart, I have to. But I'll promise you this, whatever's out there won't get me, alright?"

I didn't believe him: I shook my head frantically.

He smiled at me again and kissed me lightly before going outside.

I'm not sure what the creature was, except that it could change shape and usually had a friendly face. My husband went out to face it, a slight swagger in his step, and tried to fight it.

There was no contest. The creature killed him.

He slumped down into the grass, staring up into the sky with a mildly bewildered look on his face.

Then, I ran outside. The creature was smiling triumphantly.

I went from body to body: first Becca, then each of my children, the dog, and finally my husband. I kissed his forehead, then slowly rose, staring at the creature with an emotionless expression.

"So, what am I to do now?" I said carefully, quietly.

"Now?" the creature inquired. "Now, you die, too."

I nodded slowly. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

And it killed me.

So. Yeah. XD Depressing...but worth remembering.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sorry for the hold-up!

I have been so busy...namely being at my aunt's house (if you know the woman, you understand.XD). Nothing really much to say except that, while I was gone, Roger Taylor from Queen had a birthday, and my mom and aunt turned 50. Oh, and I have to go back to school on Monday.

Here's the video I made for Roger. ^_^

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Video of the Week

Well, first off, I wanted to post two pictures. One's of Heath Ledger as The Joker: The Dark Knight's coming out tonight at midnight. He was my first celebrity crush...Sounds silly, I know, but still. I'm pretty sure I won't be the only one crying during the movie.
(Sorry it's only a link, but HTML won't work for it, for some reason...)
He was only 27 when he died...Had a baby daughter and everything...

The second picture I wanted to post was of Freddie Mercury, just because I watched a really sweet video with him in it yesterday. Then, sweet turned to sad: I haven't gotten upset over Freddie in a very long time, but I got a little surge of it yesterday. Kind of odd to think how, just a year ago, I was having major issues with...well, if you care, go back in the archives of last summer's entries and read a few (2 July 2007 kind of scares me to read now). I remember sitting there thinking that there was no way I'd find anyone else: my mom almost sent me to therapy. But, by the end of the summer, I had found someone else. Someone in the form of my amazing boyfriend and this blog's most loyal fan, Danny. So I'm not a helpless case!


Shut. Up. XD

Anyway. Here's a picture of Freddie:
(Again, sorry it's only a link. Blogger's being WEIRD.)
I still love you, Freddie. ^_^

So...Video of the week...I was going to put up that Freddie video, but I'm in a really good mood now, and that video made me sad. I don't want to go back to what I was last summer...I still really like Freddie, but that was just unhealthy...

So, instead, I shall post this:

PS...Dangit, I missed Ringo's birthday! It was July 7...I was at my aunt's...So, happy 68th, Ringo!

Peace and love!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Robert Plant, Alison Krauss
So. Aunt's house. We got there I guess about ten days ago (I'm home now). I rode in my nana's Mercury in the backseat listening to Led Zeppelin and sleeping the whole way. My mom and nana talked. The norm.

We got there. Big labrador (correction: HUGE) greeted us.

We went swimming a lot. I went shopping...XD We even went to my aunt's country club. SEVERAL TIMES. I gotta tell you: I'm realizing more and more when I hang around people like that how truly country in the Southern sense of the word I am: I WAS NOT IN MY ELEMENT. But it was fun. Saw a HUGE 4th of July fireworks display.

Um...Morgan, one of my cousins, came up. I introduced her to my kind of music. She's in love with Roger Daltrey now.XD

Spent the night at my cousin Kristin's house with her four kids and husband. Was CHAOS, but it was alright, all in all.

I went to go see Get Smart. It was so funny. Go see it: I command thee.

I gorged myself on Indian food, went to the Columbia Zoo, saw Bend It Like Beckham and The Green Mile and Across the Universe on my aunt's huge TV, went walking a lot, missed my boyfriend, and so forth.

But the best part?


First off, there was a bit of a mix-up with the tickets. My mom had bought tickets for me to see Robert Plant and Alison Krauss in Atlanta on Friday. Trouble is, they weren't in Atlanta on Friday. They were in Raleigh. North Carolina.

By a fluke, my aunt got directions to the Atlanta venue while we were still near Charlotte, NC (where she lives). Thank GOD. If she hadn't, we would have gotten to Georgia and realized: CRAP, they're not here.

So, instead she looked up the venue while we were in Charlotte. Turned out it was in Raleigh. I'm still asleep while this is going on. Finally, she comes upstairs and says, "I've got to tell you something." I rolled over and mumbled something. Then, she said, "We're not going to Atlanta to see the concert."

I bolted up. "WHAT?!"

I nearly started crying.XD

Then she explained the whole Raleigh thing. So we drove to Raleigh: this pushed us a day late on our return journey to Georgia thingy. But who cares?XD

We drove for three and a half hours-ish both ways.

BUT THE CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Started out with Rich Woman. I'm serious, I wish I could describe it in words, but it rendered me illiterate. There were times where I was screaming myself hoarse, there were times where I was dancing in my seat, and there were times where I was completely dizzy. I was struck dumb during Black Dog: all I could do was sit and stare, open mouthed. They did three Zep songs: Black Dog, Black Country Woman, and The Battle of Evermore (my favorite). They did In the Mood along with Mattie Groves, which was amazing. Also when Alison did Let's Go Down to the River or whatever it's called alone with just a wee bit of harmony...O_O

They came out for an encore even. ^_^ And when they did Gone Gone Gone...XD Maroon curtain dropped to show the glittery thing from the video.

And they are together. At least, I think they are. They are so cute...Even on stage, when they weren't posing for pictures, she would look at him and kiss him on the cheek or he would do something that would make her smile. Even when they went off in the corner and let T Bone take over and there were no lights on them, they were whispering in each other's ears (Robert had to move his hair back to hear. XD Adorable.) and occasionally touching each other's knees.

But the best part? The part that makes me feel like jelly?


XD Fan girl in me is still freaking out.

I shall tell ze story: I was standing there, clapping and being excitable and all that. He was looking up in our section, and I was looking at him. Finally, it seemed like he looked at me. I don't know: he may have been looking at the crazy drunk lady a little bit away from me, but the more I think about it, the less I think that was the case (she was over too far for it to have been her). And he kept looking. I didn't move: I was just staring back. I feel kind of embarrassed about that now...XD I may have smiled a little: I kept breaking out into these loony smiles through the whole concert. Finally, he looked away. A bit later, he went up to Alison and whispered something in her ear, gesturing up towards my section of seats.

I was the craziest person in the section save for the drunk lady. Every body else was, pretty much, vegetative, old fart hippies. And I was definitely the craziest young person there...XD

So...maybe he didn't look at me exactly, but hey! A girl can dream.

Time of my life!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


(And you WILL watch this.)
I'll post a full report later. My mother is kicking me off. -_-

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Since I'm leaving early tomorrow for my aunt's place...

Here's the video of the week now. ^_^

I'm going to have to add this film to my list of favorite movies...I loved it.
jim sturgess
And here's a picture of Jim Sturgess, because he played my favorite character, George Boleyn. Okay, so I'm a little bit biased: I really like Sturgess anyway. But that's because he's an amazing actor! Very underrated. We should be hearing his name more.
Anyway, sorry for the short entry. Not much to say except that Never Be got featured on Humble, but that was a while ago...

I guess that's it for now. No rants or anything. You got off easy. ;)

Peace, love, happiness,
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