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Thursday, November 27, 2008

My partner-in-crime in Nanowrimo!


I love it. I love it. I love love love LOOOOOOOOOOVE it. Whoever came up with this has all of my undying love and affection for forever and ever and all time.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This has got to be one of the most twisted games that PETA has come out with yet...

So of course, I had to share.

Cooking Mama, The Unauthorized peta2 Edition: Mama Kills Animals


freddie mercury Pictures, Images and Photos (YAY ANDY WARHOL-ESQUE-NESS!!!)
Eat plenty of mashed potatoes and green beans and all those other lovely veggies. =]

Oh, and I also wanted to say...

No, I didn't forget Freddie Mercury's death date. It was this past Monday. I am fully aware that I didn't post anything on here the second it happened. I'm sorry for that.

He's been gone now for 17 years, and surprisingly, I'm not sad anymore. I guess that's why I didn't really focus on it on Monday: it's made me so sad in the past that I didn't want to drag myself down into that again.

I am still collecting money! I know I generally donate it around his deathdate, but I think I'm going to wait just a little bit longer to see if I can get any last minute donations! :) For those of you that don't know, every year (and this is the third year I've done this) I collect spare change from people that they otherwise would do nothing with and roll it up and donate it to help with various AIDS organizations, such as The Mercury Phoenix Trust or 46664. All that change really adds up: last year I raised over $200. SO. If you can get in contact with me physically, please, if you have any spare change, help me out. :) It would be greatly apprectiated.

If you can't do that, however, there are other easy ways you can donate and help out with the fight against AIDS. I think even Starbucks has partnered up with (RED), which helps get medicine to people with AIDS. So you don't even really have to donate a chunk of money. Just go get a cup of coffee! ;)

Let's see...

For this Thanksgiving, I also want to challenge you. Last Thanksgiving marks the anniversary (well, nearly, anyway) of when I gave up eating meat. I had been a newborn vegetarian on Thanksgiving, but did I eat turkey? No. I didn't. Why? Well, I'm sorry to say this, but many turkeys are poorly mistreated. Factory farms are not like the idealized farms we read about as children. Turkeys--and other animals, for that matter--are kept in tiny containers and oftentimes pumped with so many steroids and other fattening foods that they are unable to stand, and many times turkeys are killed by being thrown in boiling water or having their throats slit while they're still alive.

Sorry to burst your bubble, folks.

If you can somehow find a turkey that was raised humanely--maybe that you shot yourself or something--that's great for you. But most people don't roll that way. So, to all of the people that are about to go to the grocery store and pick up a turkey for the dinner table, I want to give them a challenge: DON'T. Don't eat turkey this Thanksgiving. Sure, eat the other things. But skip out on the meet. Besides helping fight against animal cruelty, you're less likely to be hit with a food coma before you even get to the pumpkin pie. And that's just depressing.

(By the way, before I get people saying how they can't go vegetarian because they like meat too much or because they were raised in the south, I just want to point out that...well...I come from a Southern, Baptist family that lives on fried chicken and all of it's affiliates. Not saying that you HAVE to go vegetarian--I'm not mean like that--just saying that yes, Virginia, it's possible!)

ANYWAY! Happy Thanksgiving, folks! And don't forget to help the AIDS cause!

PS: Here's a link for some vegan Thanksgiving recipes. =]
No, I'm not vegan...Yet. *cue evil laugh*

AND (I'll leave when I wanna!...If you know what song that's from, you get points.) since I probably won't be able to get back on here for a little while (NANOWRIMO IS EATING MY BRAAAINS!!!), here's the video of the week:

This was my favorite song when I was about four years old. I even went through a suit wearing stage because of Annie Lennox! (Maybe that shouldn't be past-tense.XD) I even wanted to buzz my hair and dye it orange for a while...then Britney Spears buzzed her hair first, and bless her heart, but I don't want to do it anymore!

See you guys around!


Thursday, November 20, 2008


Vegan ones, too! They're chocolate and look great...I still have to ice them, though.

I've never cooked really before this...


And, in honor of it...

THE PINK HAIRED ONE! (Audrey Kitching. 8-] )

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dear Twilight...

Seeing as you are coming out tonight at midnight, I thought it would be fitting to tell you something.

I love you. I loved you since I read you for the first time. My Edwards have changed through the years from crush to crush, morphing first into Paul McCartney, then Robert Plant, and now Danny. Bella feels like me, at least in the first book. I love Carlisle. And Emmett? I just want to give him a hug. Alice is awesome.

In short, I love you dearly and truly. You are my favorite book. One of, at least.


I'm sorry you've been defiled. I loved you when you were young, but now you have been passed around to so many squealing girls that I can barely stand the sight of you. I've actually started badmouthing you around school, and for that, I am sorry. I am not incredibly indie: I like what I like, and that's that. But I can't stand the mania you've inspired. You were mine. I remember when I was the only one around where I lived reading you, when I got funny looks for reading a vampire novel at the age of 12. But now you've left me and slept in the bed of other girls everywhere. That's fine. Your creator deserves the royalties...

This already happened once to my favorite book back in elementary school, Harry Potter. I thought you were different.

I'll go see the movie. But I'm hiding my Edward love for a while. My knight and shining armour whom I've had a literary crush on has become a whore.

I've moved on to Lancelot. Not even the legendary one. The one in The Once and Future King. He's great...but I miss Edward. I miss you.

So, when you're done being trendy and acting as the scene girls' Bible, I'll be here waiting for you with open arms. But until then...

It's over.

Good bye.

Monday, November 10, 2008

YAY! Cool dream. =]

I'll summarize it...I just don't want to forget it. I'll warn you! It's a weird 'un.

I was a vampire: so was the rest of my family. But I refused to eat because, yes, even THEN I'd be hardcore veg. ;) My family seemed to agree with me, but then I helped someone that they were going to...ahem...make a meal of escape. I had to run away, and I had to run away like MAD. My neighbor, also a vampire in the dream, came with me, and even my DOG followed, which was really weird. But my dog wouldn't shut up: he kept barking. Finally, my WH teacher was driving by in this huge SUV: I was holding this Chinese takeout guy (yes, that was the human I saved). I looked away a second to say something to Sarah about my stupid dog, but then...

I looked back, and in the driver's seat, instead of my teacher (who was now shotgun) was Danny.'s a werewolf. X3

So we got in the car. Danny tinkered with the restrictor plate for about two seconds, and then we drove to Canada, where I was hit on by another werewolf...nice guy, but the Danny character HATED him. XD

About fifteen years passed. I came back home and saw someone that I thought was an old friend of mine named Kayla, but she corrected me, saying she was her daughter. Then she went away. And I hadn't changed a bit...

So a guy came and threatened my nana and my uncle. My uncle had him scared to death and shot him in the head, but it didn't kill him. The guy ran away, and, instead of continuing to play the part of scared, little girl, I followed him and tackled him down. Cue innuendos by, oh my word ANOTHER WEREWOLF. I let him go, but not after screaming at him and giving him a well-deserved flogging.

And I don't remember the rest...XD

Friday, November 07, 2008

Just a random question for anyone that knows the answer...

I was wondering...

In health class, we're learning about maintaining weight. It's pretty basic stuff: cut the fat, exercise, replace eating with other activities, etc., to avoid gaining weight.

But what if, to get to a healthy weight, I want to gain a few pounds? How would I do that without eating a ton of unhealthy food? Or without exercising a ton (I don't want to look like a wrestler)?

Because...well, I'm about seven pounds beneath what I should be. Nothing too bad. But I just want to gain a *teensy* bit. Just so I would have this mental thing anymore thinking, "Oh, crap. I'm underweight."

So...Any help?

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Bravery: Sam Endicott Pictures, Images and Photos

XD I'm doing it.

I should be finding out about whether or not I'll make GHP for the Communicative Arts by Tuesday.

And here's a video of an old favorite of mine...I liked these guys before I even got into the classics...FOREVA AGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO XD

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Because I should be shot for not putting this on here yet!

A wonderfully Keith Moon-obsessed friend of mine made this for me an age ago, and I just realized in the past five seconds that I haven't put it on here yet.

Go on. Shoot me. I deserve it.

I made my mod tribute for her, though. =] Which, if you haven't seen it, you can look it up either on Youtube under my channel name (2happy4emo) or on here, where it's lurking somewhere...

But this thing's awesome! One of the best Queen songs ever!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Yeah, yeah. I was born in the wrong decade.

Roger Daltrey Pictures, Images and Photos
I'm frustrated.

And I think I'm going to make a new rule for myself: I'm not going to see any "modern" bands until I've seen all my favorite bands in concert, unless that "modern" band is Muse. Or costs under $50.

Why? Because my favorite bands (The Who, Queen, Led Zeppelin) that either are or are going to be on tour seem to be extremely selective about what cities they go to. Or even what countries.

Led Zeppelin is being mean and not officially announcing anything. Because Robert Plant is indecisive, and Jimmy Page is a tease. :P

The Who are--as far as I've checked--only going to be in DC, LA, and Madison Square this November.


Well...I guess I can kind of understand...they're old. Er. They have families, and touring 24/7 kind of alienates them, from what I've heard. Pete Townshend even said once in the 70's that he didn't feel like a good dad because he toured and recorded all the time...

It's still frustrating.

Not to mention that concert tickets cost a load...


I just feel like they're not treating their fans as well as they could when we're the ones that got them where they are today. There was a video on TMZ of Roger Daltrey blowing past a bunch of fans that seemingly just wanted autographs. Maybe he was busy. Who knows? But it still sets a bad image. I'm not saying that what he did was bad. He's a busy man. Probably much busier than I can imagine. But still...

I just want to see my favorite bands while I still have the chance.
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