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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In Only Seven Days...

...It'll be Freddie's 61st birthday! I'm so excited! I'll say more later, but I literally have only a minute or two before a storm rolls in, so I don't have time now...Poo...

Love you all! :)
Kevin Smith, born 24 December 1965, passed away on 22 August 2007. I went to his funeral today; I didn't know him very well, but he is the father of one of my closest friends, Justen.

So, Justen. I know you come on here. I just wanted to let you know (again) that I'm here for you, alright? Anything you need me for, no matter how silly you think it is. I was serious about that Barney suit thing, you know. :) Anyways, I'm praying for you and your family, and I'm sure that anybody else that reads this blog (all five of them...?) will do the same.

People, please. Pray for them. And if you know them, support them. They're going through a really rough patch. They need all of the positive energy they can get.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dr. May!

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He finally did it! He finally did it! Brian May is officially a doctor! He got his doctorate! YAAAAAAAAAAY!

Congrats, Dr.May!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

We have birthdays, preciousss!

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...Yeah...I'm a Lord of the Rings enthusiast...Smeagol is my homie.

Anywho, there are three birthdays coming up:

John Deacon (whose birthday is today), the bassist of Queen, is turning 56. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (Yes, I'm still counting exclamation points.)

Robert Plant, former lead vocalist of Led Zeppelin (and much more than that, he'd probably point out) is turning 59 tomorrow, August 20th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

And, finally, on the 23rd (I know it's a few days away, but I'd rather be early than late in my well-wishing), Keith Moon (The Who's drummer), if he was still alive, would be turning either 60 or 61. I'm really ashamed that I don't know which, but I keep finding conflicting sources. Most things I've read have said that he was either born in 1946 or 1947. If you know for sure which he was born in, please tell me. I feel like an inadequate rock n' roll historian, especially since Moonie is one of my favorite people, um, EVER. Anyways, I'll just go ahead and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! *Note: I just did a bit of reading, and it turns out, he was most likely born in 1946 because he continually told people that he was a year younger than he actually was. So, until I'm proven wrong, we'll call it 1946.

What else...Oh, Bob Dylan tickets went on sale yesterday where I live, and there's going to be a concert on the 22nd of September. I am in the process of grovelling and promising a lifetime of slavery to my mother to convince her into letting me go.

I got two Led Zeppelin CDs. YAY. I ISH HAPPY. I adore Led Zeppelin, but I haven't had any of there stuff. Mainly because I don't buy most of my CDs (results from being broke), but my mom does. And she HATES Led Zeppelin. They're one of the few musical things we disagree on. She thinks they're overrated. I think they're legendary. I think Robert Plant is the shmex. She thinks he's ugly. (She also thinks Roger Daltrey's ugly. She's blind.) I think Jimmy Page is a guitar god. He creeps her out. So...yeah. But last night my uncle gave me two CDs of his, Led Zeppelin and Led Zeppelin II, because he said he'd had them a long time and was sick of them. He likes them, he's just a little burned out. So I am now have some Zep. YAAAAAAAAAAAY.


Oh, one more thing: if you have a birthday that you'd like me to manage, whether it's someone you know, yourself, or a celebrity, let me know. I'll be more than happy to post it. :)

I guess that's it for now. Love you! <3

And just for kicks, here's a picture of Robert Plant AND Keith Moon. If you can get a recording of this concert, DO. It's really cool.
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Sunday, August 05, 2007


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And I don't have long for a rant (bet you're thankful for that). But, basically, I'm scared. FREAKED OUT. I know it probably won't be as bad as I think it will be, but what if I get lost? Make a bad impression? Gad...

Also, I've been daydreaming about high school since first or second grade. So what if it's nothing like I expected? I don't know...

But I really want to go! At the same time that I'm scared, I'm also REALLY excited. I really REALLY am looking forward to it!



What I'm feeling right now. In an uncharacteristically summarized nut shell.

And I'm updating more. YAY. More Grey rants. GROOVY. LOVE THEM. I COMMAND THEE.



Let's cut this off before it gets REALLY weird...Love you. Good night.


Wish me luck! Lord knows I'll need it...:P

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Ask A Gay Man

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Yes, I am a Sledd Head. And proud of it, too. William Sledd's channel on YouTube is my FAVORITE. X3 He's adorable. While I may not always follow his fashion advice (we can't all afford Gucci, ya know), I love how honest he is, how funny he is, his hair ("Certain people said I have emo hair...Emo does not have volume!"), his hair dresser (Karson Kelley...Oh, my Lord...*faints*)...I just love William! I've been watching his channel for ages, and I just thought it was time I showed him some love on my blog.

So...WILLIAM, I LOVE YOU!!! You've given me an excuse to throw away my mom jeans!!! I am forever greatful.

...I think I'm going to move to Kentucky.

Favorite episodes: anything involving William baking, anything with Karson (<3), and many many more.

Here are some of my favorite videos of his. Because I just can't help myself. And, if you haven't watched any William Sledd, be warned: he has a bit of a mouth.

Hair Edition #1

Hair Edition #2



The Murse

Undercover William (Sorry, can't find the first one.)

And, of course, the famous DENIM EDITION!!!!

And go to WilliamSledd.Com, as well. 'Tis AWESOME.

And if you want to see more videos of his, go here:

Sorry. Couldn't resist. X3

Well, I'll leave you all now. Love you all!

Friday, August 03, 2007

YAY! Another Dream Story!!!

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And I swear this one's not depressing like the last one; I really liked it. The beginning is a bit of a blurr to me. I just remember being somewhere in Korea (or maybe Vietnam, but probably Korea. I'd watched A LOT of M*A*S*H that day) where there was this war going on, and the place where I was was getting bombed. No, I didn't like that bit. I was scared really badly. But the good bit, the one where the Beatlemaniac in me was COMPLETELY freaking out, was when I was invited into The Beatle's recording studio around the time they were recording "Let It Be." John led me in, Paul was sitting at the piano, George was just sort of standing there, and I went to sit down next to Ringo at his drum kit. I forget all that was said; I was just sort of watching. Paul was playing "The Long And Winding Road" on piano, and it came time for him to record the vocal. There was a bit of a skip in the dream, because the next thing I knew, he was singing to me; I was directly in front of him, and he was looking at me, his eyes boring into mine. And he pulled me into a tight hug, not stopping singing.*supresses fangirl-y freakout*

Yeah. I know that, probably, you couldn't have cared less about that, but I wanted to write it down before I forgot. So there. Besides, you're probably just mad because you haven't gotten your dose of Sir James Paul McCartney today. So HA.


Just let me continue diluding myself. X3

Let's see...I'm starting high school this Monday. *cue collective gasp!* Yeah. AND I'm taking all honors. *GULP* So if I'm not able to post for a while, here are some reasons why:

-I got trampled to death by upperclassmen.
-I'm drowning under homework.
-I'm too busy freaking out over stupid, pointless things like boys. And hair. And eyeliner. Etc.
-I'm being murdered by upperclassmen.
-I'm running around the school, lost.
-I'm grounded because I missed the bus. (The Pattie Boyd look is a heck of a lot harder to master than you'd think...)
-Any other of millions of deliciously morbid things that make your toes curl.

Yeppers. I'm going to be a freshman. I mean, um...No, I'm a sophmore. Yep. Not a freshman. No, Big Scary Senior, I don't need my head thrust into a trashcan because it's Freshmen Friday.(YES, MY SCHOOL HAS THAT. The teachers just don't really do anything to stop 4-20...*cough*) I'm not a freshman. NOOOOOOOOOO.

I'm not a freshman. I'm a freshmore. (way advanced classes + junior friends = sophmore + freshman = FRESHMORE)


Anywho...On another less frightening note...I discovered a band I really like. Muse. They. Are. AWESOME. So go listen to them. Supermassive Black Hole = <3

And I FINALLY got my own copy of Twilight, my favorite book (READ IT...Man, I'm demanding today...). I've had it out of the library constantly (the library only has one copy), and I've read straight through it three times, not counting how many times I've skipped to Chapter 13 (Lindsay, you know what I'm talking about).

So...Yeah. Guess that's it for now. Love ya! :)
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