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Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm Baaaack!

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And I made it out of Christmas with lotsa LOOT!!!! OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!! Haha. Yesterday, I spent the entire day, virtually, writing, listening to the new Queen CD I just got (Innuendo; it's my favorite), and watching Queen Greatest Video Hits. (If you like Queen videos AT ALL, you really need to get Queen Greatest Video Hits. Volume One is very good, but if you can only get one, get Volume Two. It has really good special features, and the videos are simply better.) Anyways, as I sat in the back room, watching my NEW DVDs on the NEW flatscreen TV with my NEW DVD player *gloatgloat*, I realized that it's been an entire year since I fell in love with Queen.

I can't believe it. A year. I feel old.

It all started Christmas of 2005, when I got Queen; Greatest Hits from a friend, and I LOVED it. The next bit "anniversary" for Queen I guess will be sometime around mid-March, which was when I saw Queen; Live At Wembley Stadium for the first time, and automatically became obsessed. Funny thing about that: I had a crush on Brian May before I liked Freddie Mercury. About five minutes after that, I started liking Freddie, and the rest is history! XD And as of now, I'm trying to cyber-wed Freddie, but I guess that first I should cyber-divorce Orlando Bloom...haha.

And I owe a lot to Queen. Besides opening me up to GOOD music, and not the run-of-the-mill crap that most kids my age listen to, they got me writing again. Before them, I had tried to write a novel, but I had no inspiration; within 70 pages, I was conspiring to kill all of the main characters. But when I started listening to Queen, I did have inspiration, and I'm now writing a novel, which contains my heart and soul, that is well over 150 pages. I've never felt this connected to fictional characters, people that only live so long as I scribble down their lives in my tattered notebook...

So, as corny as it is, I guess I have to say something to Brian, Roger, John, and of course, Freddie: Thank you. Thank you for teaching me to love writing like I've never loved it before.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I am SO happy!

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First things first: contrary to popular belief, I'm not dead. I just haven't been able to post in a long time because of my level of busy-ness. Let's just say that midterms are all sorts of joyous fun.

Anyways, I absolutely CANNOT believe what just happened. I just opened a Christmas gift early, and I think it's probably the most priceless, wonderful gift I have EVER received. About a month ago, my mom had tried very, very hard to win me some fairly valuable Queen memorabilia over eBay. Sadly, she didn't win any of the auctions, but she did get my name out there to this one British woman. My mom told her my story, about how I get straight A's, how my mom gave up a wonderful, well-paying career just to be with me (she now works with a newspaper company; money's always been tight), but especially about how I love Queen and Freddie Mercury with a strong passion, how I, even at the age of 14, support AIDS research, and that I would love to be the one to find the cure, or atleast help find the cure. The woman decided to send my mom a package for me, over the Atlantic, for no charge whatsoever. She didn't even charge for shipping. She told my mom to just tell me, "Merry Christmas" for her. Before I opened the package, I thought it was probably a second-hand 45 or something, which I would have appreciated and loved dearly, but what I got was so much more. At first, when I opened the package, a postcard or two fell out. Unmarked, with Freddie on them. I was in awe enough at that. Then, some old Queen stickers from the early- mid-1990's came out. "Cool," I thought. Without warning, a bunch of pictures plopped into my lap. Pictures of Freddie, pictures of Queen, and so on. There was even one from Live Aid. I picked up the picture from Live Aid, thinking it was a mini poster, and realized it was a little bit too glossy to be a poster, and a little too thick. I turned the picture over, and saw the paper that it was printed on. And almost peed my pants. Well, it turns out that that woman was a professional photographer, and she had sent me the actual photographs from Queen concerts that she had been to over the years. I about had a heart attack; it's still hard for me to breathe. So yeah, I thought I should share that with you!
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