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Friday, January 30, 2009


That's my excuse! As always! I need a new alibi! And another exclamation point!



There we go.XD

Oh. On a side note, I'm reading The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. Great play. Read it!

Since Tonight: Franz Ferdinand came out this week, I thought it would be fitting to put this up: a cover of All My Friends.

Enjoy. And wish me luck for interviews tomorrow!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

This is wrong on SO many levels

Okay, so I should be doing my homework that's been keeping me from being on here as much as I should be. But this is just WRONG.

I went onto Youtube today and wanted to listen to some Cobra Starship. So I went to my Fueled by Ramen channel. This was the official channel of the label and all that. Legit. I didn't feel bad about watching videos that were illegally uploaded. Because I wasn't.

Well, I was greeted with this page:


Is this supposed to be some sort of backhanded way to make us want to buy the albums? Just by taking down the videos?

I hope this changes soon. I really really do.

Anyone else as annoyed as I am?
And this has happened to a ton of other videos I like...but never almost an entire company's worth of videos..., here I come.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

So I'm tired...XD

And I bet you don't care. I know I don't.

So, I'd do more now, but I've got a lot of school work to do...But I wanted to post a video of the week. Well, it's a bit different this time around. I'm going to give you a web page that I've found. You click the link. Follow it. Choose what video you want to listen to.

Danny turned me on to a really good artist. =]

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Video of the Week!

This came out on the 10th, and since I've worked myself into a Franz frenzy, it's only fitting that I put up the official video for the first single released from Tonight: Franz Ferdinand!


I hope you enjoy it atleast half as much as I do!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


franz ferdinand Pictures, Images and Photos
Just in case you didn't know, Franz Ferdinand's latest album will be released on 26 January 2009!


And on the 27th in America, so I have to wait for a day and try not to explode...XD

XD My mom just said, when I freaked out over Franz (I said, "AGH! New Franz album! I'm gonna die!"), "Now, THAT just sounded like a 16 year old!" (For any of you that know me, I'm known as an old soul...ANYWAY!)

So...Three cheers for Franz! If any of you get it on the 26th, tell me about it.^_^ What's your favorite track? What do you think of the album as a whole? Etc.

Happy Franzing. ;)

Friday, January 09, 2009


Oh, yes. The man himself turned 65 today.
jimmy page Pictures, Images and Photos
And I heard something on the radio this morning...Robert Plant might not be touring with Zep. I really hope the DJ was wrong...XD

I might do an album of the week later.:) I'm kind of tired now.

Love you guys!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Thin White Duke Turns 62!

bowie Pictures, Images and Photos
That's right. :) Today, David Bowie turned 62. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I know, I know, I really should do a David Bowie video of the week...

But I've been wanting to post this one since it was released on Youtube!

In case you didn't recognize it, this is a cover of a cover, basically. ;) Mad World. This version was originally done by Gary Jules, but the original song is by Tears for Fears. Jaime's singing, and Danny's at piano, wearing the awesome cap my dad gave him! XD


Okay, I can't take it. I'm putting up a David Bowie video, too. Feels unnatural not to.

I love Bowie. XD My mom had a crush on him when she was my age. He's great...The first movie I ever remember watching, despite what my mom claims about Disney princesses, is The Labrynth...Anybody remember that movie?

Okay, this was a really hard choice...but...


Love you guys!

And, one more time...(ALTOGETHER NOW!)


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Just in case you don't check the news feed...

I thought I'd leave this.:) This is posted on, and the link is at the bottom of the page. But the news seemed so nifty that I thought I should mention it here, too.

Oh, and I also got Queen The Early Years from a friend, so I'll *eventually* get up a review of it.

"Thanks for all the wonderful Christmas and New Year messages, folks.

I've been quiet because I've been poorly ... got a nasty flu bug on Christmas day, and I'm still struggling to throw off the final stages ...

I hope the New Year is bringing you good stuff ... I think most of us make a bit of a slow start ... There is something about the darkness and coldness which definitely makes us want to hibernate !

I'll be fit by the weekend. I've promised to go in on Saturday to the Dominion to have a day with our brilliant London We Will Rock You team there ... it's been too long.

OK ... I usually try to keep it casual, because really it's all about me bonding with the cast and band and crew, and sharing a little bit of their load ... but I always get stick from people saying "You didn't tell us you were going to be there!" So this time, I'll say it quietly but clearly ... just in case you want to join in this weekend ... I WILL be there Saturday 10th, and I will be making a small appearance (or is it "apparition"?) in the matinee and evening shows. It's not an advertised part of the show - it's just a fun bonus, which happens about once a year ... but it's always a blast. It will be doubly exciting this time, since the last time I tried it, the lift got stuck, and I ended up in a very dark smoky cage under the stage for the whole of the solo in Bohemian Rhapsody. So we will be trying not to repeat that effect !!!

I'm no fool - this Saturday is WWRY Party day ... we will be celebrating between shows, and afterwards, entering our 8th year of Rocking London in 2009, with The Best Show In Town !!!

OK ... see ya there ... let's rock into the New Year.



Monday, January 05, 2009

Just for giggles and kicks...

Some interview clips of the best band for forever and ever and ever--and this is not up for debate, lovies;)--QUEEN!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Not really much to say...

Sorry.XD I had this whole idea for a write-up on musicians and fur, after seeing Kelly Pickler in fur on New Years, but I've been gone to my cousin's house with no time to write anything.

And I'm going back to school Tuesday.

And I have a lot of writing things to do and some reading. So...Yeah. Might be a bit slow on my end for a few days.


But I do have something to say.

I got three new CDs. ^_^

Revolver by The Beatles
the beatles revolver Pictures, Images and Photos

Led Zeppelin III by...well...;)
Led Zeppelin 3 Pictures, Images and Photos

And Houses of the Holy by Led Zep
Houses of the Holy Pictures, Images and Photos

They are great...XD I listened to Led Zep III and Revolver last night, and I'm still listening to Houses of the Holy. Led Zep III is very underrated, I think...Very different from anything else of Zep's, but still really, really good...

I think I might smell an album of the week. ;) Who knows?

Anyways, I hope you all had a good New Year's.

Love ya!
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