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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Please watch this and give this girl some appreciation!

My friend Daesia (aka idirectorr) has put her heart and soul into a movie that she did on the Sims. It is so cool...XD She's been working on it for forever.

Down side?

She's not releasing it because nobody's seeming interested.

Here's the trailer. :)

So, please watch it. Tell your friends. Ask them to tell their friends. And leave comments and ratings. Please...

She's worked really hard on this since April. I remember being in Spanish with her last year, watching her work on scripts and assigning people to different parts under her desk...She was really into this then, and she's just as into it now.

Show this girl some love!

Oh, and on a side note: I probably won't be getting on much this upcoming week. No video of the week...Well, perhaps a really late one. Vhy?


Yep. Danny's coming! I get to see him this afternoon. And just in case you were wondering what he's been up to...

My beau is on the right, at the piano, just in case you've had the misfortune of not ever seeing him. ;) His older brother, Jaime, is singing lead. This is a song by one of their friends. Again, show them some love. :) Hey, it's the holiday season. You have to be nice or else, I don't know, you'll get coal in your stocking or the world will fall off of its axis or something. ;)

And, if I don't get a chancelater, and even if I do, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!



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