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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Ask A Gay Man

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Yes, I am a Sledd Head. And proud of it, too. William Sledd's channel on YouTube is my FAVORITE. X3 He's adorable. While I may not always follow his fashion advice (we can't all afford Gucci, ya know), I love how honest he is, how funny he is, his hair ("Certain people said I have emo hair...Emo does not have volume!"), his hair dresser (Karson Kelley...Oh, my Lord...*faints*)...I just love William! I've been watching his channel for ages, and I just thought it was time I showed him some love on my blog.

So...WILLIAM, I LOVE YOU!!! You've given me an excuse to throw away my mom jeans!!! I am forever greatful.

...I think I'm going to move to Kentucky.

Favorite episodes: anything involving William baking, anything with Karson (<3), and many many more.

Here are some of my favorite videos of his. Because I just can't help myself. And, if you haven't watched any William Sledd, be warned: he has a bit of a mouth.

Hair Edition #1

Hair Edition #2



The Murse

Undercover William (Sorry, can't find the first one.)

And, of course, the famous DENIM EDITION!!!!

And go to WilliamSledd.Com, as well. 'Tis AWESOME.

And if you want to see more videos of his, go here:

Sorry. Couldn't resist. X3

Well, I'll leave you all now. Love you all!


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