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Sunday, August 05, 2007


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And I don't have long for a rant (bet you're thankful for that). But, basically, I'm scared. FREAKED OUT. I know it probably won't be as bad as I think it will be, but what if I get lost? Make a bad impression? Gad...

Also, I've been daydreaming about high school since first or second grade. So what if it's nothing like I expected? I don't know...

But I really want to go! At the same time that I'm scared, I'm also REALLY excited. I really REALLY am looking forward to it!



What I'm feeling right now. In an uncharacteristically summarized nut shell.

And I'm updating more. YAY. More Grey rants. GROOVY. LOVE THEM. I COMMAND THEE.



Let's cut this off before it gets REALLY weird...Love you. Good night.


Wish me luck! Lord knows I'll need it...:P


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