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Friday, August 03, 2007

YAY! Another Dream Story!!!

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And I swear this one's not depressing like the last one; I really liked it. The beginning is a bit of a blurr to me. I just remember being somewhere in Korea (or maybe Vietnam, but probably Korea. I'd watched A LOT of M*A*S*H that day) where there was this war going on, and the place where I was was getting bombed. No, I didn't like that bit. I was scared really badly. But the good bit, the one where the Beatlemaniac in me was COMPLETELY freaking out, was when I was invited into The Beatle's recording studio around the time they were recording "Let It Be." John led me in, Paul was sitting at the piano, George was just sort of standing there, and I went to sit down next to Ringo at his drum kit. I forget all that was said; I was just sort of watching. Paul was playing "The Long And Winding Road" on piano, and it came time for him to record the vocal. There was a bit of a skip in the dream, because the next thing I knew, he was singing to me; I was directly in front of him, and he was looking at me, his eyes boring into mine. And he pulled me into a tight hug, not stopping singing.*supresses fangirl-y freakout*

Yeah. I know that, probably, you couldn't have cared less about that, but I wanted to write it down before I forgot. So there. Besides, you're probably just mad because you haven't gotten your dose of Sir James Paul McCartney today. So HA.


Just let me continue diluding myself. X3

Let's see...I'm starting high school this Monday. *cue collective gasp!* Yeah. AND I'm taking all honors. *GULP* So if I'm not able to post for a while, here are some reasons why:

-I got trampled to death by upperclassmen.
-I'm drowning under homework.
-I'm too busy freaking out over stupid, pointless things like boys. And hair. And eyeliner. Etc.
-I'm being murdered by upperclassmen.
-I'm running around the school, lost.
-I'm grounded because I missed the bus. (The Pattie Boyd look is a heck of a lot harder to master than you'd think...)
-Any other of millions of deliciously morbid things that make your toes curl.

Yeppers. I'm going to be a freshman. I mean, um...No, I'm a sophmore. Yep. Not a freshman. No, Big Scary Senior, I don't need my head thrust into a trashcan because it's Freshmen Friday.(YES, MY SCHOOL HAS THAT. The teachers just don't really do anything to stop 4-20...*cough*) I'm not a freshman. NOOOOOOOOOO.

I'm not a freshman. I'm a freshmore. (way advanced classes + junior friends = sophmore + freshman = FRESHMORE)


Anywho...On another less frightening note...I discovered a band I really like. Muse. They. Are. AWESOME. So go listen to them. Supermassive Black Hole = <3

And I FINALLY got my own copy of Twilight, my favorite book (READ IT...Man, I'm demanding today...). I've had it out of the library constantly (the library only has one copy), and I've read straight through it three times, not counting how many times I've skipped to Chapter 13 (Lindsay, you know what I'm talking about).

So...Yeah. Guess that's it for now. Love ya! :)


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