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Monday, November 10, 2008

YAY! Cool dream. =]

I'll summarize it...I just don't want to forget it. I'll warn you! It's a weird 'un.

I was a vampire: so was the rest of my family. But I refused to eat because, yes, even THEN I'd be hardcore veg. ;) My family seemed to agree with me, but then I helped someone that they were going to...ahem...make a meal of escape. I had to run away, and I had to run away like MAD. My neighbor, also a vampire in the dream, came with me, and even my DOG followed, which was really weird. But my dog wouldn't shut up: he kept barking. Finally, my WH teacher was driving by in this huge SUV: I was holding this Chinese takeout guy (yes, that was the human I saved). I looked away a second to say something to Sarah about my stupid dog, but then...

I looked back, and in the driver's seat, instead of my teacher (who was now shotgun) was Danny.'s a werewolf. X3

So we got in the car. Danny tinkered with the restrictor plate for about two seconds, and then we drove to Canada, where I was hit on by another werewolf...nice guy, but the Danny character HATED him. XD

About fifteen years passed. I came back home and saw someone that I thought was an old friend of mine named Kayla, but she corrected me, saying she was her daughter. Then she went away. And I hadn't changed a bit...

So a guy came and threatened my nana and my uncle. My uncle had him scared to death and shot him in the head, but it didn't kill him. The guy ran away, and, instead of continuing to play the part of scared, little girl, I followed him and tackled him down. Cue innuendos by, oh my word ANOTHER WEREWOLF. I let him go, but not after screaming at him and giving him a well-deserved flogging.

And I don't remember the rest...XD


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