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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Yeah, yeah. I was born in the wrong decade.

Roger Daltrey Pictures, Images and Photos
I'm frustrated.

And I think I'm going to make a new rule for myself: I'm not going to see any "modern" bands until I've seen all my favorite bands in concert, unless that "modern" band is Muse. Or costs under $50.

Why? Because my favorite bands (The Who, Queen, Led Zeppelin) that either are or are going to be on tour seem to be extremely selective about what cities they go to. Or even what countries.

Led Zeppelin is being mean and not officially announcing anything. Because Robert Plant is indecisive, and Jimmy Page is a tease. :P

The Who are--as far as I've checked--only going to be in DC, LA, and Madison Square this November.


Well...I guess I can kind of understand...they're old. Er. They have families, and touring 24/7 kind of alienates them, from what I've heard. Pete Townshend even said once in the 70's that he didn't feel like a good dad because he toured and recorded all the time...

It's still frustrating.

Not to mention that concert tickets cost a load...


I just feel like they're not treating their fans as well as they could when we're the ones that got them where they are today. There was a video on TMZ of Roger Daltrey blowing past a bunch of fans that seemingly just wanted autographs. Maybe he was busy. Who knows? But it still sets a bad image. I'm not saying that what he did was bad. He's a busy man. Probably much busier than I can imagine. But still...

I just want to see my favorite bands while I still have the chance.


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