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Monday, May 21, 2007


Third post today! And about the same thing, too! I'm such a good blogger.

WARNING: If you don't want me to mess up your mental image of the characters, don't read on! I include pictures of who I think of the characters as. You have been warned! Reading this isn't necessary, but it COULD help, however.

Okay, ready?

Are you sure you want me to mess up your mental image?


Well, alrighty then!

Here we go!

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(Yes, I'm a dork: I like Highlander...)
A corrupt, evil man that's bent on ruling not only Karac, but the entire world. He will do whatever it takes to get that power, and the only thing getting in his way are those wretched, reincarnated Devaki that just *had* to come into mortal form during his reign. But it's not like he's going to let that stop him. In fact, it may work out to his advantage...

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Not much is known about him at this point, except that he seems rather creepy...There's much more to this man than meets the eye...

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A Devaki, Dhaval is killed in the very beginning of the story. His immortal soul, since it hasn't accomplished what it was supposed to in its mortal life, jumps into the nearest human being's mind, and moves in. He has power over light and life, and is rivals with Krishna. They're not enemies, but they don't like eachother very much...

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A crafty magician, he is Krishna's Darshan. He's incredibly resourceful, and has a good heart, even though he may seem incredibly sarcastic and biting at times.

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The Devaki of darkness, Krishna is in human form in this story. He also has power over death. He has a selfish nature, can be acidic, and is rather hard to become friends with...The closest thing he has to a friend is Kami, and look how he treats him. The only thing he really wants in life is to be happy, though.

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A young, unassuming girl of fifteen, Miranda just lost her adoptive father, Dhaval. She was his Darshan, but now it seems that he's living inside of a very literal sense. She is much too innocent for her age, partially because of a curse laid on her that she's trying her best to keep hidden from everybody...

Hope this has helped!


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