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Monday, May 21, 2007


YAY! I finally made one; I never thought being bored in Spanish class would pay off! :)

This is for the story I've been posting on here, so if you've been confused as to some of the terms I've been using, look no further! If there are other words that I use that you don't understand, please post a comment telling me. But if it's something you can find in a dictionary, don't; look it up. But if you can't, I'll be more than happy to help! :)

Okay, so here we go...

AGRATA--Basically the king, a ruler. In this story, he is corrupt.

DARSHAN--A servant to the Devaki. They interpret the will of the Devaki, and act as a sort of prophet/magician/medium/high priest, all rolled up into one. Each Devaki has one.

DEVAKI--The divinities of Karac. There are two: Dhaval (light) and Krishna (dark). They keep eachother in balace: one is not more powerful than the other, and they eacy have power over 1/2 the world. Krishna, in essence, *is* darkness, and he is served by the elements of fire (Pyralis) and earth (Terran), which he created. These elements are represented by Anjali, but don't worry about them; they only come into the story seriously if I decide to write a sequel after I write the first one. ;)

Dhaval, who is essentially light, is served by two Anjali as well: water (Aquarius) and air (Brisias).

The Devaki are omipresent, except when they're reincarnated in human form, which they do every 500 years. When in human form, the Devaki must fulfill their destiny (whatever that may be) before they can go on with their omnipresent badness. If they are killed before they do this, then their soul is transferred to the nearest human being, and they get a second shot at their destiny. That mortal that the Devaki then resides in basically becomes the Devaki, but they've still got their old soul as well. This is why Miranda "hears voices."

KARAC-- The land where all of this story takes place! I named it after Karac Plant, Robert Plant's son that died too young. Robert Plant has been a huge inspiration for this story, so it was really the least I could do. :)

Confuzzled? Me, too! :) It took me AGES to work all this out! If you have any questions at all about what any of this means, or if I don't explain something well enough for your liking, hit me up with a comment, and I'll do my best to answer you!


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