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Saturday, May 19, 2007

AnOtHeR oNe BiTeS tHe DuSt!!!

Okay, so Grey's ecstatically happy right now. She just got back from an honour's chorus shindig, where you learn four pieces of music and perform them (all in a 24 hour span...Which wasn't made easier, by the way, by the fact that I'm a soprano, and I had to sing alto). Anywho, it went marvelously. I also got Guitar Hero II last week, and I beat it on easy (that's a big accomplishment for me; I don't know how on earth I find the time for video games), AND a group at school and I won this mural competition with a design that I came up with. Yeah, I'm just a little bit happy. Oh, and there is the little thing that I finished my first novel today. Yep. You remember the one that I posted that sample chapter to, with Ewan and Molly and Toby and them? Yep. I finished it today; it's about 370 pages. The one that took me a year to write. Yeppity yep yep.

I feel a cheerleader-ish squeal/bounce/clap coming on...


I warned you.

So now I can focus more on my fantasy thingy that I post in here! One thing, though: I'm still going to be revising my newly-finished novel, so if I still don't post (now THAT'S not something you're used to. <---sarcasm), don't kill me. Killing isn't nice.

So...Yeah. That's my update! Love ya!

(I'll put in the Pic of the Day later; I'm using dial up on my Nana's computer right now, and I don't want to murder it.)


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