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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Day 5

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I'm really starting to feel the anniversary of Freddie's death coming...I'm not sad, really, just...melancholy.

It's kind of strange; I miss him, and I've never even met him. I've known for years, before I even liked Queen, that he died before I was born, so why does it bother me so much now? I just want the chance to hang out with him, you know? Talk with him. Be with him. That's all.

I need to stop writing before everybody thinks I've turned emo...I've felt like this the past few days. I thought it would go away, but it hasn't...

Well, here's the tribute video for the day. I hope you enjoy it.
Just in case you're wondering what the song is, it's In the Lap of the Gods, Revisited off of Sheer Heart Attack. It's one of my favourite songs off of that album; Freddie's voice is more wonderful than usual in it.


Justen, shut up. : P

I love you all! And, Freddie? Keep on rocking out up in heaven. And I still love you, too.


  • At 11:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    oh dear god once again uve revealed me on ur blog and i now figure this out as i pass the worst day ever


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