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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Mercury Phoenix Trust

Yes, I now have a picture of Brian May's now I just need one of Roger's and John's, and my collection will be complete. : ) I threatened a few days ago, while at Goodwill (Goodwill and the thrift store are my favorite stores...yeah, I know I sound like a hobo. lol) and arguing with my mother (I think it was over an Elvis puppet...she was acting like she was going to buy it, and Elvis SCARES me.), that I would go to Brian May's house in the middle of the night, stand on his door step, and bang on his door until he let me in and let me live with him...I don't think she believed me, but she did leave me alone after that, lol.

Okay, so I'm currently trying to fill up a jar of change to donate to a good AIDS organisation; I've been working on this for a few months now. I intend to send in the money on November 24th of this year, which marks the 15th anniversary of Freddie Mercury's death. I decided on this date just 'cos it seemed fitting, since I like Freddie so much, and since he died of AIDS-related causes. I've decided on the Mercury Phoenix Trust, just 'cos it spreads the funds around, and doesn't just help one area of the world. I was looking at the countries they've helped out, and it ranged everywhere from Canada to I think that'll work.

But I found this really cool thing on their site. In honour of Freddie's 60th birthday (and I think they're keeping it up for a while), they've set up two imaginary constellations, "Lover of Life" and "Singer of Songs." You can go on and sponsor a star in one of those constellations for whatever amount (it doesn't matter; it's kept confidential), and you get your own spiffy little star, on which you write a message to Freddie. I just thought that was's a link to the site.

It really is a good charity. I've heard so many people mock other people that have AIDS, or say it's not a worthy cause because people that have it brought it on themselves, but that's not true anymore. There are millions of little children all around the world that have AIDS, that are dying from AIDS, and how can you say it's their fault that they have it? And even if it is someone's fault that they caught it, whether it's because they're promiscuous or they do intravaneous drugs or whatever, is it really our place to say they deserve it? In the Bible, it says, "He who has not sinned, cast the first stone." And we've all screwed up. Nobody's perfect, so it would be wrong to put down somebody else for their screw-ups...

I guess you can tell; I've given that a lot of thought. It's been bugging me for a while, but now I got it off of my chest, so maybe it'll leave me alone.

Love ya.


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