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Sunday, September 17, 2006

I'm oh-so proud of myself!

(This is a pic of Freddie playing Crazy Little Thing Called he said, "This s****y guitar never plays the chords I want it to play. It only plays three chords, but let's see what happens...this is for all you lovely crazy people out there.")

...Sorry! I got distracted! Anyways, here is the slideshow I've been making over the past few days. I LOVE IT!

Note: Obviously, "Freddie Mercury" wasn't Fred's birth name; it was Farookh Bulsara, but he was commonly called Freddie, and when he moved to England (or sometime soon after), he changed his last name to Mercury. Just a lovely little tidbit you'll never use again in your life! ; )

Oh, and please send me requests for Video of the Week. Just send it through a comment; it's not that hard, is it? I've already got one request for Crazy Little Thing Called Love, but c'mon people, that's just one request! I'M TRYING TO BE A DEMOCRACY HERE! lol


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