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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


(Btw, this is Roger Taylor and The Cross, a band Roger formed in the 80's while still with Queen.)

Okay, so first off, as was pointed out by one of my friends, it is quite disrespectful and rude for me to refer to the members of Queen, no matter how cool they are, on a nick name basis, seeing as they are all 4x's my age...and then some...So, from now on (well, until I decide otherwise, anyways) I'm going to refer to the guys by their proper names...So "Bri" will be "Dr.May," "Johnnyboy" will be "Mr.Deacon," Freddie will be Mr.Mercury, and Roger will be Mr.Taylor...It doesn't seem to fit, but oh well...

But that, obviously, is not what I'm so happy about. It's not Queen-related, but definitely good. You see, I'm Christian, and I've been praying for the salvation of one of my friends, Zwuonky, for a very long time (if you don't know what salvation is, just leave me a comment asking...I don't care if it's anonymous; I'm here to answer questions). Well, I just found out today that she accepted Christ! XD I'M SO HAPPY! (to Zwuonky: Sorry if I'm embarrassing you...but you're pretty much the only person that regularly reads this blog, so it's okay. lol)

And also, I'd just like to remind you to check the newslinks at the bottom of the page; they have a lot of interesting info about Queen that I don't always have time to post in here...

Well, that's it for today! Comment, please! ; )

PS: On one of my Quizilla quizzes, "What is your essential rock band??" (or some junk like that), the placings were as follows: 1st place: Led Zeppelin, 2nd place: AC/DC, 3rd place: The Beatles, 4th place: Queen tied with stupid preppy music (aka; JESSE MCCARTNEY!!!!!!!!! AAHHH!!!! RETREAT RETREAT!). Well, one more person took the quiz, and Queen is now beating the yucky preppy music! YAY!


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