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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Making of INNUENDO, Part One

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I was very depressed yesterday, couldn't ya tell? : P I had just watched that Freddie tribute video, and my computer was acting like an idiot...not to mention it was my papa's 91st bday...and in case you didn't read the entry yesterday, he's dead...

...Yeah...but I'm better now!

Anyways, I've had this video sitting in my favorites on YouTube for a while...thought I'd share it! It's part one of this video about the making of Innuendo (in case you're too dumb to have read and retained the information from the title...jk). Innuendo is my favorite Queen album; it's not as popular as, say, A Night at the Opera (which I ADORE) or Sheer Heart Attack (love it, too), but it's by far this Queen fan's favorite. Can't help myself. None of Queen's biggest hits are seen anywhere near it, but it does have my favorite songs on it, like Innuendo, I'm Going Slightly Mad, Headlong, and The Show Must Go On. These Are the Days of Our Lives is worth a listen as well, but it makes me cry every time I hear it. ;_; ...Wow, I've just realised, I don't get emotional over any other music but Queen', wait; that's not true...Phantom of the Opera tears me up at the end...oh, forget it. Point is, tons of Queen songs make me cry. Period. Wah. Wah. Sniff. Sniff.

Oh, sorry! I rambled again! Here's the video, before I forget it AGAIN!
This video has been removed. Please see my Sunday, November 5th, 2006 entry for my reason why.
Whoever the heck it was that said Freddie was ugly deserves to get his teeth knocked down his throat, though. I think it was meant as a joke, 'cos I saw another bit of that interview, and that guy was going on about how he spent the night in jail with Roger...
I just love Freddie's sense of humour...even when he was so sick, he still knew how to mess around. : P
Well, I miss Brian. Not the guitarist Brian May (although I wish I could meet him, and then I could legitimately say I missed him...*sigh*). I miss my guitar, Brian. Yes, I named him Brian, and yes I refer to my guitar as a "he." So now if I start talking about my guitar, you won't get Brian the Washburne and Brian the curly-headed-one mixed up...ideally, atleast. : P

Wow! What a nice, long entry this was...I guess I better leave you alone now...Brian (the guitar!) is starting to get angry with me for neglecting him...Oh! Don't forget to comment!
And as for the daily pics, it's not looking too hopeful; I don't know if it's Blogger's fault or mine or my computer's, but nothing's coming up...Ah, well. Atleast I'm compensating with videos and long entries. : P


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