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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Three Months, Skittles, The Becks, and James Patrick Page's Promotion

Yes, today was good. Mainly because I remembered to drink coffee this morning. Coffee is good for the soul.

But tea is better.

Speaking of which, I have some Earl Grey...Excuse me whilst I get a cup.

Water's in the microwave right now. ^_^

Anyway, I have one thing I want to say.

It has been three months. Three wonderful months.

Won't tell you what they are of, though. I'm cruel.

Okay. And the Skittles. I just realized how weird I am. Today, I bought a bag of Skittles from the vending machine at school. Okay. No big deal. Skittles are my heroin. So I open the bag. Immediately, people are begging me to share. Before I do, I spill out all of the Skittles on top of my Spanish II book. Then, I group them by color: reds with reds, greens with greens, etc. Next, I organized the Skittles semi-rainbow style: purple, red, orange, yellow, green. Wasn't quite happy. So I made two columns out of each color, each column consisting of four Skittles (stragglers were eaten). Still, I didn't find happiness emanating from my creation. So, I turned every single Skittle over so the "S" was facing upwards, in the same direction. All the while, someone (*coughKYLEcough*) was disrupting the happiness. So I hit him. Over Skittles. I have issues. Then, I ate each Skittle, one by one, starting from the left and working to the right, taking the corresponding Skittle from each group. (ie: all of the Skittles in the bottom right hand corner, for instance).


I think I have it.

Alright! Now about the Becks! I love Beck. But I got really confused recently. Now, I feels stupid.

So, in music, there are two main Becks,

Birth name
Bek David Campbell[1][2]
July 8, 1970 (1970-07-08) (age 37)Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Alternative rockExperimental rockIndie rockAnti-folk
Vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, harmonica, percussion, sitar
Years active
1988 – present
InterscopeGeffenDGCBong Load
Notable instrument(s)
1962 Vintage Silvertone Danelectro

And Jeff Beck (who sometimes goes by Beck):
jeff beck
June 24, 1944 (1944-06-24) (age 63)Wallington, London, England
Blues, rock, hard rock, electronica, instrumental rock, jazz fusion, heavy metal
Years active
The YardbirdsThe Jeff Beck GroupThe HoneydrippersBeck, Bogert & AppiceBig Town PlayboysUpp
Notable instrument(s)
Fender Jeff Beck Signature Model Stratocaster

I know. I was confused, too. I thought they were the same person, but no. XD I'm so intelligent. And I got those factoids from the most accurate website on the web, Wikipedia. Oh, yeah.

Okay, and as for this wonderful fellow!
Jimmy Page
I am upgrading him to favorite Led Zeppelin member! For a long time, I preferred Percy, but, due to recent events, Plant is being bumped down a notch, and Pagey is taking numero uno. Why, you ask? Well, because he's fantabulous! He's pushing for a Zeppy world tour. So, yes. We are madly in love with Page right now.

And we are buzzing on the caffeine in that Earl Grey...

I need to do my homework.XD



  • At 5:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    3 months of what Grey? ;) Hooray for Pagey, also.

  • At 1:49 PM, Blogger FUOU812 said…

    Wow!! You have been deciding who is you favourite Led Zep member, yet you didn't know that Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck were both in the Yardbirds at the same time, then Jeff Beck left, then John Paul Jones joined, the other members left, Page recruited Robert Plant and John Bonham (instead of poaching Keith Moon and John Entwistle from The Who, who had suggested the name "Lead Zeppelin") to fulfill outstanding contracted gigs as "The New Yardbirds", but changed the name to Led Zeppelin. (BTW, IN MY OPINION, Jeff Beck is a far better guitarist than Page, and the Jeff Beck Group was better than LZ, but the Jeff Beck Group didn't have the organisational skills, writing ability, nor the commitment of Page and Led Zeppelin)

  • At 1:23 PM, Blogger Grey said…

    Yeah...I felt pretty dumb about that. XD I know the difference now, though...But hey. I'm 15. I'm learning! :P

    I do a lot of stupid things like that...XD

    But yeah...Huge Page fan.


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