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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Rant time.

Freddie Mercury
Just when you thought I had given up on lengthy rants.:P

I wanna talk about swearing, or lack thereof. Odd topic, I know, and I had no intentions of blogging until about two minutes ago when I attempted to show that Fort Minor video to my dad. I had warned him that there was language in it, but I figured he'd be able to look past that. He's a 44 year old man: he's heard swearing. And the lyrics have a good message. But did he catch the message? Nope. He walked off before the video was even finished, complaining about the language. "That is SO unnecessary," he said. That's fine. I thought it was unnecessary, too. But to not even give something like that a second thought because of language is ridiculous. Sorry, Dad.

So I shall talk about swearing. Personally, I don't see *very much* wrong with it. Do I like it? No. Do I curse? I'm not going to lie: I do at times. Try not to, but am I going to flip out just because I slipped with the f-bomb when I stubbed the crap out of my toe? Nope. I'm not. Do I care if others swear? Meh. A bit. Depends on how it's done. What gets on my nerves is when people insult each other by swearing excessively. It's not creative, and you could be SO much more insulting (since that MUST be your aim) by coming up with something on your own. My worst put-downs have no swearing in them.

But I realize that other people swear. Whatever. They could be doing worse things. Besides, who on Earth decided that these words would be bad? They're just words! Seriously. They're just words: why are they so offensive? Oh, I'll say a word: FLAMINGO!!! Did you find that offensive? Most likely, you just scooted back from your PC a bit and raised your eyebrow. Well, guess what? I'm declaring it a swear word. So f******o you!

Personally, the only times I really swear are when I'm either a.) writing, or b.) trying to get into the mindset of a character of mine that swears. If you were to read some of the things I write, you would be surprised at how often I swear, especially when I write in first person. Reason? Characters are supposed to reflect real people, and, depending on what the character is like, I may or may not make him swear. If he's a priest, chances are his language will be like milk. If he's a crazy Irish drunk, well, he's most likely not afraid of expressing himself with colorful language. Is my writing fraught with language? No. Do I drop the f-bomb every other word? Absolutely not. I only use curse words when either a.) it seems like the character ought to swear, or b.) that's the best way to get a point across. Same thing with my speech: I usually find nice substitutes for swearing (mainly because I think that swearing excessively is, not morally offending, but ignorant-sounding), but sometimes, the best adjective you can find is four letters long.

Also, I'd rather curse a bit when I'm angry than, say, break something.

Another thing that gets on my nerves is when people flip out over slipping with something. If you say a curse word and you're in polite company, apologize and move on. Chances are, unless you're at church or something, nobody really cares. You freaking out, "Oh, my goodness gracious me! I just said a bad word. I never swear!" is stupid. So you slipped with a word. Big deal.

Also, please don't do that thing where you either whisper or mouth a swear word instead of saying it out loud. If you want to say it, say it. Geez. Whispering it doesn't make it any better. If you don't want to say it, find a substitute, possibly one of the following:

-flamingo (this is my most common)




-Jesus Christ is the savior of all!

Another thing: please stop it with the excessive use of the Lord's name in vain. This is the only form of cursing, besides terms that are derrogatory towards social groups, that seriously bugs me. I realize that not everybody's Christian, but seriously, you might want to consider using a different expletive when you're saying "Oh, my God!" every two seconds. Again, get creative.

And I mentioned words that are derrogatory towards social groups. These are words like "c**t," "n****r," and "f****t." These are words that even I refuse to use. Why? They are created only to insult. Slurs aren't nice. I've actually refused to talk to people because they've called someone a "f****t" in front of me. The other main swear words, like the f-bomb, s-word, so on, are not used solely for insulting others, and therefore don't bother me that much. But the words that are used only for making others feel crummy, well, they ought to be erased from the English language.

Cursing in public bugs me. Who knows when you're going to pass someone that it offends? Maybe it shouldn't offend them, seeing as they're just words, but for all you know, what you're saying could be offending them. So try not to curse in public. Atleast, I try not to. Doing anything around people, not only swearing, that offends them, is just rude. That's why I don't swear on here, no matter how angry I may be or no matter how ridiculous my substitutes sound: I never know when someone that is offended by cursing might come on here.

Alright, so my verdict is this: if cursing inhances your meaning, go ahead. But if it makes you sound like ignorant trailor trash, please, tape your mouth shut.

This has been yet another convoluted, caffeine induced Grey rant. Bedumdiggity.

I want to rant more...Hm...You know, I thought about being nicer with my rants, being less long-winded, but you know what? This is my blog. If you want to read it, do so. If you don't, nobody's forcing you to. I won't think you're a bad person if you don't read something on here. I know I'm ranty. But writing on here, keeping this journal of sorts, helps me. So there.

I know this is a ridiculous question, but have you ever felt different from everybody else? I don't mean that you feel a little awkward because you just got braces, or that someone just called you weird, so you really start to doubt your normal-ness. But have you yourself thought of yourself as different? I dunno...I'm just curious. I know everybody has felt like this at some point, atleast that's what I keep telling myself. I actually enjoy being different and not thinking just like everybody else, I'm just curious, like I said. Have you ever wondered if anybody thinks the way you do? I know I'm not the oddest cupcake out there, but sometimes I even come to the point of doubting my sanity. If you've kept up with this blog at all, you'd see what I mean. How many other people do you know that pine regularly over someone they've never seen in person, yet feels so connected to it's as if they've known that person for all of their days? Of course I'm talking about Freddie. I know I'm obsessive: that doesn't take a genius to figure that out. But most people that are as obsessive as I am are stalker-esque. Am I? No. Not in the least. The only stalking I've ever done was Youtube comment tag with Danny (By the way, Danny, you're it, just in case you didn't notice.). I'm not like the crazies that kill their celebrity affection just to "send them to a better place," or out of jealousy or something like that. It's...different. Also, I doubt pretty much everything: Is that normal? I question absolutely everything, and will obsess over finding an answer to something until I find it. Doesn't matter what it is: I've even, to the horror of my family, begun questioning my religion (only one person knows how deep this questioning has gone). Even though I'm not a trusting person, I'm incredibly loyal. One example came to mind, but I don't want to use it because there are certain people I don't want to know about it...Hm...Okay, I'll just use Christianity again. Alright, God is perhaps one of the only beings I do trust, but despite the fact that I question Him backwards and forwards, I am loyal to Him. Perhaps the reason I'm so trusting of Him is because, everytime I've put the Bible through one of my questionings, it has held up.

Most people that aren't trustworthy are paranoid. I'm the opposite: I accept that people can't be trusted. I think it's inevitable. Not sure if that's normal.

I dunno...I think it would be fun to walk around in someone's head, just to find out if I'm the only one here that's like me. XD My hypothesis is this: everybody's weird, but everybody's so worried about looking weird that they try to fit the world's cookie cutter of normal. Well, if we're all weird, then weird is normal, and "normal" is weird. Ooh, that was some stoner logic right there!

No, I don't smoke pot. I like my lungs.

Ever since I was little, I've had obsessive tendencies, but not in a bad way. I'll cling to something for a very long time, perhaps never letting go of it, I'll learn as much about it as I can, get my hands on as many things as I can about the subject matter. Let's use Freddie for an example, since he's what makes me feel the most different from everyone else: I read as much about him as I can, watch as many videos of him as I can, listen to as much of his music as I can, think about him all the time, but all with only good intentions., how to word this...In a way, he's changed me for the better, I guess. I guess I'm dependent: I'll find someone that I want to please, that I want to emulate, and I will cling to that person. I'm not just talking about Freddie anymore. I don't want to mention the people I AM talking about, though, because it might frighten them. I have people that I am very close with, that I feel like I have to talk to every day, tell everything to. This entry's making no sense...XD I swear I'm not stoned! Just bear with me: I'm shrinking my own head. Go on: go to or something for a better use of your time if you're getting bored.

Point: I'm clingy to things. I am dependent, although I try very hard not to look that way. Even though I don't truly trust anyone fully, I still search for people that I cling to, that I love, that I devote myself to. If any of these "crutches" were to turn on me, were to leave me, I'd be devastated. I guess that's why I cry over Freddie: I leant just a little too much on him and, since he's gone, I fell over. And I keep falling over. There are other people I lean on (three or four of which are standing out to me right now), I know there's the possibility that they're not the "sturdiest" of "crutches," so even knowing that I'll eventually fall, I still lean on them...Man, this is a long entry...

I'll just summarize the rest: I NEED THERAPY!!! XD I really should start keeping a private diary instead of inundating you with this teenage angsty crap that I know you've heard a million times before. Wow. And to think that I sometimes wonder why this blog isn't popular. XD

I'm way too open...XD

I'm leaving now. Seriously. Bye bye. Love you all.



  • At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hm well I can't say I don't swear....although, whether you've noticed it or not, I try not to in front of you. I value your opinion of me of course and don't want it put down by silly words. And uh....flamingo me? Flamingo you! XD And yeah, it's better to vent your frustration in words to yourself than break something of actual value. =/ Which I did once XD Well both....I got annoyed at something and punched my door so hard it caved the wood in - it isn't broken, it's just not perfect XD....well now there's a piece I could pull off, and that was solid wood =/ Let's not do THAT again...Anyway! Ahem. I don't know about everyone else, but yeah sure, I've thought of myself as different. I've even thought - "Does everyone else have this way of thinking?" =/ Meh I could be insane, or extremely stupid. Or both! Yay! Wait...Ok I've never felt "that" connected with someone. I always think there's something more that I could know, but which hasn't been released. Or I couldn't get it. Sometimes it's bad being that connected to something/someone that much. SO I suppose I refrain, yet I still grieve when it's gone, but hey, am I doing so to the extent that I would be if I was so closely sonnected to it? And uh....I think you'll find that you be the one that be it, ma love.:P Hmm....I think it's good to doubt things, maybe even everything - otherwise you'd get sucked along with other people's beliefs, opinions and whatnot. Doubting everything helps you make your own decisions, I think. I hope this doesn't come out wrong - I mean it in a good way, but I really hope your dependency upon things and people doesn't seriously hurt you one day...I have no right to say be careful, it's your life, but hey, I care about you. Sorry :S I spologize, I felt like saying something =/ I thought that such a long entry deserved a reply from me, at least. Well I hope your ok =) Bye <3


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