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Friday, December 21, 2007

I want it all!!!

Okay, so I have some time off (TWO WEEKS!!! NO SCHOOL!!!)...I start a lot of my entries off with "okay..." Well, whatever. Anyway, I thought I could blog a bit. I luff blogging. 'Tis fun.

But I had a point to this entry! 8D Ain't that a rarity?

There's a saying that I've taken up which Anita Dobson said originally: "I want it all, and I want it now." I love that saying. Whenever I'm feeling over worked or stressed or like I am lacking that last spurt of energy to get my work done or like all in general is absolutely hopeless (Ladies and gentlemen, that is what we call a RUN ON.), I will say it to myself or else listen to the song "I Want It All" by Queen. It just gets me pumped...XD I just got a mental image of The Terminator...

(Sorry for the hyperness: I'm just REALLY happy right now. It's almost Christmas, my exams are over, I don't have school...Yeah.)

Now, when I say "I want it all," I know that I won't necessarily get it all. For all I know, I might end up working a burger joint...Ew, so maybe not that...I don't want to deal with ground cow corpses for a living...But you get my point! Even though I might not get it all, that does not mean in any way that I am not trying my hardest, even at the age of fifteen, to get it all. I study harder than anybody I know. I write all the time. I'm in all advanced classes, even one advanced version of a math class that most people don't take until they are two years older than I am. I might not be the smartest person ever, the most talented, the best looking, fastest running, whatever, but by John, Paul, George, and Ringo! I'm trying!

So I thought I'd make a list of what "it all" means to me. Why not? I know it'll probably change. I know I'll probably find this when I'm thirty and laugh at it. But do I care? No siree, I don't.

Let's see:

~to have a novel published by the time I'm 20.
~to graduate high school as valedictorian.
~to graduate from college early.
~to do an exchange program to the UK sometime while I'm in high school.
~to meet my idols!
~to become some sort of music-centered journalist. I'd love to work for the Rolling Stone.
~to hit the New York Times Best Seller List! MULTIPLE TIMES!
~to not necessarily be filthy rich, but to go without ever wanting anything.
~to donate a butt load of money to wonderful AIDS organizations, especially the Mercury Phoenix Trust. I want to write at least one book that has all of its proceeds donated to the Trust.
~to go to either China or Africa for atleast a month to help in an orphanage.
~to adopt a Chinese girl later on in my life, like in my 50's or 60's.
~to never fully retire. pipe + sweet tea + rocking chair on the front porch = MISERY
~to *maybe* get married, and if I do, to a loving man that cooks and is a musician. XD I can't cook. Which brings me to...
~to (and this might sound weird) have a close gay guy friend.
~to *maybe maybe* have kids. My favorite names are Joan, Sadie, Alice, James, Jude (favorite name of all time), and (much to my mother's dismay) Antigone, although I'm not that mean to name someone that.
~to be with someone that I am absolutely crazy in love with.
~to have a summer manor in Ireland, a flat in London, and a condo in Atlanta. I have expensive taste. XD I'll settle for the London flat, though.
~to collaborate with Mary Austin on a biography about Freddie Mercury.
~to stay in Freddie's house in Kensington for a month.
~to be able to buy my parents a nice house.
~to have my name heard around the world! I'd rather have fame than fortune, mainly just because I want my messages to get out there, no matter how inane they may be.

So, yes. I am a very ambitious girl. ;) That was fun to write. ^_^

Anyway, I think I'm going to go mess about on YouTube...Maybe I'll write. Who knows? Might find another troll to entertain myself with.

Bye! <3 And Merry Christmas!


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