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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


(Moonie = <3)
I used to meditate all the time: at one point, I got it down to such a science that I could "go zen," as I called it, in a crowded, busy, loud room. I've never really followed any specific method of meditation: I just did whatever felt right to me.

But, nearly two years ago, I had an experience that freaked me out: I was focusing on a candle, and the walls looked like they were moving. Bit of a long story.

Anyway, I think I'm going to give it another go. I just meditated for about ten minutes, and I feel more content, more peaceful, more calm than I have for ages. I wish I could have done it longer, but I have to study for finals (I really shouldn't be blogging right now).

At first I wondered how to go about it. I laid down, palms up, in silence. My head wouldn't shut up. I tried a mantra. Didn't work. Tried listening to a steady beat, trying to regulate my heart rate to match my clock. Really didn't work. But I turned on the radio, and back to back, Bohemian Rhapsody then Pinball Wizard came on. About five minutes in, I felt heavy, leadened all over. Not painfully so, but almost as if I wasn't able to move. Then, the heaviness lessened. I didn't feel light, just normal. After Pinball Wizard, I had to go, and when I tried to get up, it was a little difficult: not sure why. It was a bit sluggish: I didn't "pull myself out" all at once.

So, do you have any methods for meditation? I'm especially interested in the more Hindu based methods (no, I'm not Hindu, I'm just *interested.* There's a difference.) I dunno...Music seems to work the best for me. I love it when I can get so lost in a song that it's all there is. I sound a bit stoned, don't I?

Anyway, I gotta go. Wish me luck on my midterms.

Love, Grey


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