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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm not missing out: I'm saving up.

It's been coming up more and more. At first, I was excited about it, then, slightly amused. Next, I got apathetic, and now I'm downright annoyed. Maybe I shouldn't be. But I am.

BUTT OUT OF MY LIFE, PEOPLE!!! C'mon, man! I love you, but do I honestly care what you think about the fact that I don't date, about the fact that I haven't been kissed or that I haven't had a boy friend? Heck. No. This is out of choice: if I had been that desperate to actually go looking for someone, I think I would have found him by now, alright? So CHILL. My life, not yours. My decisions, not yours. Besides, I'm not even allowed to date until I'm 16. I'm 15. That's one more year, people. Will I date when I'm 16? Maybe, maybe not. Then, it'll be a choice, something that's up to me. Sure, if I was able, I'd love to go out with you sometime, see a movie, maybe run by some fast food joint. But does that mean I "like" you? No. Does that mean I want you as a boy friend. Most definitely not! So get off of my case.

One girl at my lunch table today said this: "Oh, yeah. You haven' been kissed yet, have you? You're really missing out."

I looked her in the eye, incredulous at the thought of her actually having just said that, and said, "I'm not missing out. I'm saving up."

And that's the truth. Do I really want just any boy friend right now? No, and I think that would be stupid anyway. When I do get one, I want him to be the right one, not the "right now" one. I want my first kiss, my first cuddle, my first whispered "I love you" to actually come from someone I LOVE and that LOVES me back. Not someone that just thinks I'm hot. Not someone that doesn't really know me. Besides, I'd rather be an old maid, the old lady with all the cats, then end up with someone that I don't love.

I've already been dubbed as a heartbreaker. Do I care? Not really, no. I care when my male friends develope crushes on me and I have to break the news to them that I don't return the feelings, but other then that? No. I don't care. I'm a heartbreaker? Well, that's cool. I've got my own Led Zeppelin theme song, then, don't I?

Besides, let me get this straight with you: I've already got my eye set on someone, alright? I'll be nice to you, I'll be kind to you, I'll be your friend, but someone else has a grip on my heart already, as cliche as it sounds. And he knows that he does. So please, I'm not going to say it's wasting your time, but, especially if you're one of my friends, don't try to "win me over," because it won't work, and I'll just end up hurting you, which is something I REALLY don't want to do. Sorry.

Yeah...I needed to get that out. I'm getting sick of guys just talking to me because they want to ask me out. One guy I know only talked to me for two days before asking me out and admitting that he liked me. Okay, so I'm flattered, but I'm still going to say no, alright? If you want to hang in there another year, I might go out somewhere with you, but that in no way, shape, or form means that I'm "yours."

I could rant on so long about this, but I've got to go to bed. Goodnight all. Even the guys that this was directed to. I'm not mad at you, I swear. XD



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