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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Charity stuff...

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Grey's being a good Samaritan. ^_^ And she's helping more charities now than just Mercury Phoenix, without really having to pay anything. Isn't that great?

Grey should be an activist. Heck, Grey IS an activist!!!

...Grey also had too much coffee...

And she needs to stop refering to herself in third person.

ALRIGHTY! Here's a really cool website that I saw Friday, and it would make me cruel not to point it out now:

It's this vocabulary boosting site where you guess the definition of a word shown. For every word guessed correctly, the UN donates 20 grains of rice to hungry families around the world. How neat is that?

Hm...More stuff...I've been signing a few animal rights petitions lately. Yes, I finally took the plunge: I'm a vegetarian now. Not because I think eating meat is wrong (we're omnivores: I know this), but because I find it disgusting and cruel and disrespectful that we slaughter animals in factories. It makes me feel terrible, so I don't want to support that sort of mistreatment. Anyway, there are some petitions on to help out with animal rights things, like saving the whales or stopping animal testing in Europe. It's really cool. ^_^ And I emailed him on the matter of over fishing as well. He probably won't reply, but you know what? My computer was in contact with his. That makes me tingly. XD Wow, that sounded creepy...caffeine induced creepy...Trippy...

Yes. Caffeine affects me like cocaine affects the normal person.



Anyway...I have homework I need to do, but I think I'll blog some more instead. Love me! XD

(Note to self...No more coffee...EVER.)

December 1st was World AIDS Day, and in celebration, Queen + Paul Rodgers released a fantastic new song, available for free download. Again, go to the Curly Headed One's blog to get it:

Hm...There was an American music competition show, The Next Greatest American Band, that had Queen as its theme last night. 'Twas fantastic, except when this band of diminutive, pre pubescent boys, did We Will Rock You. That was NOT fantastic. But the Clark Brothers were. ^_^ They did These Are The Days Of Our Lives, and it made me cry. It was really good. One band did Sleeping On The Sidewalk (one of my favorites now, and it actually inspired a character in a story I'm thinking about writing), and another did Fat Bottomed Girls. All in all, it was quite good.

I've got about thirty minutes to burn before I have to go...Oh! I was going to do a list of my heroes. I got this idea whilst cleaning my uncle's bathroom (*cue whiny EEEWWW*), and thought, "Hey, why not?" I might add more to this later, but here's a start. XD I thought of apologizing for the randomness of this entry, but I figure you're pretty used to that by now.

People I Admire (some I know, some I don't)

my nana--She's the most devout Christian I know.

my mom--She's absolutely wonderful: I try my hardest to act like she does. She literally loves everyone.

my dad--He's really calm, or at least seems that way to me. ;)

John McVicar--In the 60's, he was #1 on Scotland Yard's most wanted list, with a dead-or-alive bounty posted on his head for armed robbery. He escaped from prison twice, but, once caught the final time, studied whilst in prison and was released in 1978. In 1974, his memoirs were smuggled out of the prison and published, in 1980 he scripted an autobiographical film, and he became one of Britain's leading journalists and talking heads, known for his honesty and uncompromising standpoints. He's one of my favorite writers. He completely did a 180` on his life.

Gandhi--He proved that you can accomplish anything you want without resorting to violence.

Brian May--His compassion astounds me.

John Lennon--his peace activism

MLK--same reason as Gandhi

Nelson Mandela--1.) His work with apparteid. 2.)His work with AIDS.

Freddie Mercury-- He never gave up, and he went out on top.

George Harrison--He remained calm, serene, while everything around him went nuts.

Keith Moon-- He wasn't afraid of who he was. He embraced it, and then proceeded to lob a TV out the window of his hotel.

Jesus--"He who has not sinned, cast the first stone."

Stephen--The one from the Bible. He died for his beliefs, and is known as the first Christian martyr.

Bono--The way he gets fired up about politics and gets the youth into it.

Bob Dylan--Same reason as Bono.

Jimmy Page--his charity work in South America. And his guitar playing. XD He's the one that got me interested in doing something about Peace Corps. (Even though I don't think he has any affiliation with it...O_o) He also got out of heroin, which is something that I admire in ANYBODY.

Buddha--I'm not Buddhist, but a lot of his philosophies make a lot of sense and are calming. I respect Confucious in the same manner.

Pete Townshend--For his misunderstood genius.
Sir Paul McCartney--For his philanthropic work. Also doesn't hurt that he's my favorite Beatle.
Roger Daltrey--If I could be in as good of shape as he is, I might not be so deathly clumsy. XD

Alright, that's all I can come up with right now. I'll add more later. These people are in NO WAY in order: I just put them down as they came to me. And I don't admire every single aspect about most of them. For example, I may admire John Lennon's activism, but the way he treated his first wife and son, Julian, absolutely sucked. I look up to Jimmy Page for his activism, but as far as his dealings with the occult...I want nothing to do with that. And some of my reasons seem silly. I know that. And I also know that I have a lot of people that most wouldn't name on here, but that's because I admire everybody for some quality they have. Nobody is all bad, so everybody must have atleast one admirable quality.

Anyway! I'm going to sign off for now. I think I'll play that rice game a bit more. ^_^



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