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Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm not feelin' the love, man...

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Okay, so I know a few people come on here. (A very few: I can count on one hand how many regulars I have.) But I'm starting to lose the will to update. I'll never completely stop, but, as of right now, I'm not feeling loved. And why should I continue to post on here if nobody's reading it?

I know there are about a bajillion other blogs out there: everybody has them. Just the other day, I found this girl from Singapore's blog, and basically all that was on it were pictures of herself. About five minutes after that, I found Pete Townshend's blog. That's right. Pete Townshend of the freaking Who. How am I supposed to compete with Nose on a Stick? (Sorry, Pete. I didn't make that one up; I'm just reiterating. I personally love you, man. And I love your blog. Both are undeniably groovy.)

I don't expect to get thousands of hits per day. But I've had this thing for almost a year now, and I haven't even had 500! Grrr...

Wow...Why am I ranting? Nobody reads this anyway...

I don't know how I should advertise this thing; I'm not sure if it's even worth advertising. It just sort of bothers me that a blog that sounds something like...

"OMFG! i lyke talked to my bf 2day and he said he lyked me lyke omg lol rotflol lmao im so happy :)"

...gets more hits than mine! I never said the way I feel is right (it's downright childish, actually), but that junk up there isn't even English!


Sorry about that. I've just seen that...thing...everywhere. It bugs me.

1337 should die.

We should kill it.

Wow, isn't this a nice ramble?

Will I get more readers if I ramble about pointless things?

What about if I break down and use 1337? Will I get even more then?

well, k then. ill do it. ill kill meh grammar and refuse to use caps. k. and when i dont kno wat to say ill type lol lyke all the other brainless ppl out there.


ttyl ily! :)


  • At 5:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Grey! I've only just read this and you should keep posting. We love you! I like your hilarious antics and rants - they are very.....unique ;) but keep going! you have my support!


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