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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hello there, my beauties! Is it happening? Is everybody doing okay?

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Yeah. I'm back. I'm going to start to try and post more regularly; I've been bad about that...I'm not even going to give you any excuses; you've probably got the gist of them by now.

And just to prove that I love you all so much, I just joined Google so I could use the NEW BLOGGER! Which was stupid, to tell the truth. I was perfectly happy with the old Blogger, but it forced me to switch. Bedumdiggity.

On a different note! I have gotten to where I really like Bob Dylan; he's just so awesome! I usually don't really care for the style of music that he does, but wow! Yeah. He's awesome. Gee, I think I already said that...Well, he deserves it. Kookookachoo.

Anyways, here's this really far out link that one of my friends emailed me where Dylan is singing Dr. Seuss's groovy. You should check it out!

Oh, and also, I heard that (and I hate to gossip) Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills are about to reach a settlement in their divorce. To that, all I have to say is: HALLELUJAH!!! And I'm sorry, but they've both been behaving like toddlers through this whole thing: extremely immature. However, I have to admit, I have been pulling for Paul; Heather strikes me as a gold digger...I just hope that Beatrice (their daughter, for those of you that don't know) isn't scarred too badly. That's the worst part of a divorce: the children that get hurt. To be honest, I don't think Paul and Heather should have been married in the first place. First off, Paul is almost twice her age. Secondly, they both have GINORMOUS egos. Not always a bad thing, but it just doesn't work in a marriage. Thirdly, they were both in serious relationships beforehand: Paul had lost his wife of 29 years to cancer just a year before, and Heather left behind an engagement for hating to gossip so much, I'm pretty dern good at it. O_O

And one more thing: Anna Nicole Smith's death. It was sad, but who wants it shoved in their face 24/7? Definitely not me! Besides, it's not like she had a huge impact on the world. It wasn't like JFK died, or John Lennon died, or MLK died. I'm sorry, I shouldn't judge; I didn't know her personally, but JEEBUS!!! Is it really all that newsworthy? Children are starving all over the world, more than 40 million people today are infected with HIV/AIDS, global warming is getting worse and worse by the day, and all we can talk about is her? I mean a little bit's fine. Mention it, sure. But have it on the news for weeks as the main topic? C'mon!!!

Well, I'm done with my soap box for now! Abrupt ending, I know. :) Love you all!

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  • At 4:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Grey, Danny here. Yeah, your right, people on the news don't seem to be bothered about a child dying every 3 seconds. It's a shame that there arn't more people supporting AIDS research:( No, the news people(crude language yeah but i don't know another way to say it) are more interested in some great big fat guy seeing how many hotdogs he can cram inside his bulk in 2 minutes...Is This The World We Created?
    Oh, and just a great big round of applause to Mr. Farenheit for being such an absolute LEGEND!
    He was gone too quickly - here's a tribute video


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