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Friday, January 05, 2007


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I know I haven't been writing on here often, but that's because I've found other things to do. Simple as that. I also expel my writing energy on my novel now, instead of spending so much time on this blog. Which is a good thing; I'm quickly approaching the 200 page mark. I've also been immersed in "The Beatles Anthology." It's really good. : )

I've been listening to a lot of the Who and the Beatles lately; I'm giving Queen a little bit of a rest for fear that I might burn out on them. And, since I've been listening to the Who more, I've read up on them quite a bit, and I've found inspiration for my writing in one of the people that I expected the least: Keith John Moon, commonly known as "Moon the Loon." 'Nuff said. X3

And I'm going to another Academic Bowl competition tomorrow. I swear, I am getting SICK of this academic crap. I'm still into it, because, heck, I am smart, but I'm so tired of it. I've been doing Academic Bowl since forever, and when I first started out, it was more of an ego thing, something else for me to show off my intelligence. But now that I've actually found things that I have a passion for, which I hadn't done since the past year and a half or so, I've lost interest in Academic Bowl...but then, there is the thing that I could possibly get scholarship money from it...I can get that from other places, though...I don't know...

Well, I guess that's it for now. I just got the strong urge to check in on you guys; I typed this up in about five minutes. I shall bid thee adieu.

Love you!
PS: Since I've been slightly disloyal, I'm going to leave you some goodies. : )

Firstly, here's a personality quiz about the Who that I'd REALLY like it if you took. Who who who who?/

And here's a video called "The Who Are Too Sexy." It's really, really funny! However, the beginning is fraught with the f-bomb, so you are forewarned.

Goodbye, dahlings!


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