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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Another One Bites The Dust subliminal message...?

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Okay, so on Justen's word, I went onto on where it has this Queen thing that plays a bit of Another One Bites The Dust backwards. Supposedly, it says "It's fun to smoke marijuana." I found it a bit funny in a Cheech and Chong, ha-ha-you're-stoned sort of way, but then the people who made the video said something like, "Should we really be sending this message to our children?" or some junk like that. I MEAN, C'MON. WHAT KIND OF A NORMAL-MINDED KID PLAYS THEIR SONGS BACKWARDS?? It's just stupid! It doesn't really matter if it says something concerning drugs or whatever (which I highly doubt it does; I haven't tested it myself. It's probably just a hoax.). This reminds me of when, in the 1970's or '60's or whatever, parents would think that their kids' minds were being poisoned by rock (PUH-LEEZ!), and would take their kids 45s or records and play them backwards, and then say, "Oh, good golly gosh! Satan's talking!" when it wasn't even saying anything; it just sounded weird because it was being played backwards. You know, if I become a rock star, I want to make a single that, when played backwards, says something like, "Wow. You're playing it backwards. OOOOOOHHHHHH maybe I'm going to poison the minds of your children because I have a subliminal message in my song. MUAHAHAHAHA! Or maybe I'm just bored."lol

Anyways, here's the link to the backwards marijuana thingy.


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