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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


'Twas a wonderful Christmas! ^_^ My butcher's bill is HUGE. I was really shocked. O_O I felt like a spoilt rich kid...

  • TONS of Paul McCartney stuff

  • Queen Rocks Montreal, as well as a documentary on the band and a biography by Peter Freestone

  • Zoso by Led Zep, as well as Mothership

  • CCR!!!

  • A Bob Dylan concert DVD

  • Jethro Tull concert DVD

  • makeup

  • clothes, including two tunics and some bell bottoms

  • candy

  • accesories

  • a lottery ticket

  • a really pretty sapphire (my birthstone) pendant
  • CZ earrings...not sure if I like them or not
  • a phone call from across the pond (I love you, too. ^_^)
  • another copy of Frankenstein, which is one of my favorite books
  • bag set
  • $165, collectively, from the people that either a.) didn't know what to get me, or b.) didn't want to buy devil music for an impressionable youth.
  • two tshirts
  • underwear. Oh, yeah. Santa's officially a pervert. (And so is the person that asked me what kind of underwear it was. *coughcough*)

Yeah. I was surprised, but quite happy. I keep having to remind myself to come out of my room and visit living, breathing people, and not just the ones on discs. XD

Also, for Christmas, I wanted to post two videos from *cue dramatic music* YOUTUBE! This one is a wonderful Christmas video one of my friends, Ailsa, made. I luffed it.

And here's another video that I absolutely adored. Not Christmas-y, and it's rap, but I liked it. Listen to the words as you watch the video: you'll see why I like it. Warning: Language isn't exactly G-rated. But hey, it's still very nice. I think it may be my new favorite Freddie tribute.

Well, I'm going to go ahead and sign off. Merry Christmas, everybody!


  • At 11:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey you told me XD I couldn't resist XD Cheeky aren't I? :P


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