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Thursday, November 08, 2007

I'm so moody. XD

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I'm taking a break (*coughPROCRASTINATINGcough*) on finishing this physical map of the Republic of Georgia I'm supposed to do, so I thought it would be a good time for me to blog. :)Hola, my fans. All three of you.

Including myself...

Anywho: I just wanted to apologize to anybody that was around me today over my moodiness. Yeah, I'm usually moody, fluctuating from overly nice to a bit of something that rhymes with witch, but that's normal. People have come to expect that from me. I'm nice, but I'm ticky. Most people figure out pretty quickly that I'm a little controlling, high strung, blah blah blah...dangit, I had a point...where'd it go?...Ah! There we go. Today has been one of the odd days, though. I went from being flat-out depressed (I listened to "Innuendo" and started crying) to hyper. Which I am now. I feel like freakin' Keith Moon. XD So, usually I hate mood swings because they make me mean towards others or whatever, but now? I love 'em. X3

XD My mom was on the verge of asking me if I thought I needed therapy today. I was still blue about Freddie (Yes, yes, issues, I have them, we know this), and I was talking to her about it, and she said, "Well, honey, do you think you need to g--", then I cut her off saying something else. So, yeah. It's official. I think dear mommy thinks I need therapy. Man, and to think I told her that, what, three years ago? XD

Oh, and I have a reason why I haven't been on here much: my nana just got surgery on her spine to remove a bone sliver, so pretty much any freetime I've had I've been spending over here. So, sorry.

And I've also been really happy lately! A certain someone is "at fault..." ;) I think he knows who he is.

Well...I guess I better go finish my Georgia map...-_- This is one of the reasons why it sucks to have a former art student as your geography teacher...She thinks everyone loves to draw...Oh, well.

Peace! :)


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