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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Photobucket - Video and Image HostingHAHA! I FOUND MORE SOMBRERO PICS! XD
If you have any sombrero pics of Queen, please send them to me. I'm starting to accumulate quite the collection...just leave the link in a comment or something! Gracias.

Just wanted to prove that Queen still owns it. And yes, my vocabulary is changing and becoming more modernized...don't ask. I'm still trying to figure out if this is a good thing or a bad thing...

ANYWAYS! I was listening to the radio this morning at about 6:30 or so, and We Will Rock You/ We Are The Champions started playing. So, obviously, I was rocking out, very happy that Queen was on the radio. Not like that was a rare occurance or anything, seeing as the radio station is completely dedicated to classic rock, but even so...Well, the DJ comes on at the end of the song and gives all the album information, "It's off of News of the World, blah blah blah," and then she says, "And actually, Queen is the most consistently successful band of the past three decades."


This made me very happy! Did she say My Chemical Romance? No. Did she say The Doors (*GAG!*)? No. Did she say Lynyrd Skynyrd? Elton John? Rod Stewart? Or...J-J-J...JESSE MCCARTNEY?! (*slaps hand across mouth like I just said a nasty swearword)

I'm still celebrating! Well, in my own strange mental fashion, leastways. lol

Oh, and I changed my penname on to Mrs. Mercury. So, if you'd like to read my stuff, go there! I don't publish anything on there anymore though because I don't like the idea of consigning my art to a website for free. I do have some cool stuff on there, though. If I may say so myself. lol

Love you all!

PS: Please request videos for Video of the Week!


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