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Friday, September 01, 2006

Mercury Madness Week, Day 4

Little tidbit of info before the video (I know, it's terrible! jk). Freddie, who OBVIOUSLY (well, "obviously" if you've been reading this blog, anyways, lol) is turning 60 this Tuesday, was born on the small spice island of Zanzibar. Well, there's this guy there that's trying to celebrate Freddie's birthday at his restaurant, but Zanzibar's government big wigs won't let him. Why? Because of Freddie's lifestyle: he was gay, he was flamboyant, he was an all-out party animal, need I say more? You see, Zanzibar is Muslim, and Islam condemns these things. I'M NOT SAYING THAT'S BAD! I have respect for all religions. Yes, I'm Christian, but I'm not going to go around, say, making fun of Hindus because they worship cows or anything. I don't think it's right, but that's a another story!

But you know what that restaurant owner is doing?

(I'm not "haha-ing" at Islam, I'm "haha-ing" at Zanzibar's government's futile attempt at trying to be over-controlling. So I'll say it again: HAHA!)

Yeah, thought that was interesting...Anyways, here's the video! I know it's a music video (I try to save them for Video of the Week), but it's the extended version of the original, and is a RIOT.

"The Great Pretender"

This video has been removed. Please see my Sunday, November 5th, 2006 entry for my reason why.


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