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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Happy birthday, John Lennon!

John Lennon Pictures, Images and Photos
Today is the birthday of one of my favorite people of ever ever ever ever. (I'm not a fan girl at all. NO, NEVER!...) If he was still alive, he'd be 68 today. =] And, in celebration...

Oh, and today was the homecoming parade. ^_^ Of course, nerd that I am, I'm NOT on court...hahahahahahaha...that'd be funny. XD

But I screamed my head off. And waved Union Jacks and threw candy. (Our theme was Great Britain, and our float was ah-mazin'.)

And keep your fingers crossed that I'll make it for GHP (honor's program over the summer). =]


OH! And not like you care, but this blog's stalker...*ahem* I mean, biggest fan does. ^^

Today is the second anniversary of when I met Danny...or more like he messaged me on Youtube. XD WHOOOOOOOOO!

Told you I was a nerd. ;)

Let's see...I have a calculator cover...I made a 98% on an AP Stat quiz...Highest GPA in my class last year...I write and read on my free time...I actually LIKE Shakespeare...I'm on the academic team and am the president of the writing club...

EE GAD!!!! I'M A NERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And I'm also running on adrenaline from the parade, but shhhh...;)

Anyways, I've got homework I need to do. Talk to you later! =]



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