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Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Dream...

I have awakened with Plug In Baby stuck in my head...XD Make of that what you will.

I don't remember all of the dream, and this frustrates me. I went places, there was a secret love affair, there was an actual plot! I remember this much: I just don't remember what they were. I've put up pictures of each character's face--or atleast, what I picture them as. I know the outfits don't translate: they're not meant to. :P

In the dream, I think I was a character of mine, a Frenchwoman called Lady Allette. She is a bit of a maneater, but doesn't intend to be. She's very sweet and appears to be naive. Anyway, the only bit of the dream that I remember is a dance.
Shannon Sossaman

She is approached by several people, all of whom she secretly knows, to dance. This list of men includes:
Sir William
jimmy page
Sir Charles
Roger Daltrey
Sir Robert
Robert Plant
Sir Isaiah
One of the reasons why I love Freddie Mercury.
Sir Titus
alex kapranos
Sir Felix (Titus and Felix were my brothers)
Matt Bellamy & Stephenie Meyer
(On the left is Stephenie Meyer, my favorite author.)
Sir Jonah
Pete Townshend
And several others.

I stumbled with the ones I didn't know, but with the ones I did, I moved fluidly, I guess because I was more comfortable around them.

Finally, a rather charming fellow who was also named Sir William approached me. We danced, but, seeing as I didn't know him, I stumbled, went the wrong directions, so on. He just laughed a little, and we spoke. I don't remember what about: something how he thought I was a good dancer and what had happened, and I replied that I didn't make it a habit of letting strange men touch me. Something like that.XD

And that's all I remember.

I've had Lady Allette in my head for some time for a project to tackle after I finish Never Be. Not sure when I'll get to it or even if I'll get to it. But basically, my rough idea for her was that she was a French orphan brought in by a country lady (iffy on her name):
Lady Judy Dench As "M" In 007 James Bond
The difference between my dream and my original idea was that Charles and the first William were Allette's adopted brothers, not Felix and Titus. I guess it doesn't matter: I'm just trying to get my thoughts straight right now. Helps me if I put it in writing. Anyway, Allette promptly falls in love with both of her adopted brothers (she's taken in when she's about 13) and grows into womanhood with them. Both of them adore her and eventually start to fight over her. She gets angry and refuses to choose between them: she takes both. She soon finds other men as well--the ones in the list--and all of them fall for her: they protect her and act as her family. Her adopted mother isn't enthused over this, but figures that she can't really do anything. That is, until a rich, powerful gentleman comes in and proposes to Allette. She is shocked and refuses. Her adopted mother is enraged and says that Allette is insulting the young man--his face keeps changing in my mind, but right now he is the second William--and forces her to marry him.

So, Allette goes to live with the man. She is determined to grow fond of him and be congenial, but the whole time she is also scheming how to get back to her "family." She becomes close to Isaiah, who becomes a sort of mother figure to her: he's a male prostitute that her husband would refuse to keep her around if he knew about it. Eventually, Allette falls in love--again!--with a servant of hers that she had been snubbing. They have an affair, and her husband finds out. She doesn't think that he will be that angry, but he is. He pulls some strings and has her exiled to Corsica, where she dies. There, she finds Jonah, a gentle artist who is exiled for murder. They cling to each other, not because they are in love, but because they are all that the other person has. They both die in Corsica, perhaps by suicide. I'm not sure.

My original thought for the story was that all of Allette's lovers were called in a seance by a well-meaning pagan father that wanted to teach his daughters why hedonism equals heartbreak. Instead, they are dragged into her story and feel very sorry for her.

It would take place either sometime around the French Revolution, or else a bit earlier.

So...Yeah. That's my thought! XD Had it a while back...not sure if I want to go through with it or not.

I dunno. XD


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