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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Perhaps I am just a stupid American.XD

Well, I haven't been posting a lot of pictures recently, so here's one.
Brian May
Anyway, I got my transcripts from my school back yesterday, and out of my freshman class, which consisted of over 700 people (I think it was something like 724...), I ranked number one.

I was really happy.

I went to the back room, turned on Queen Live at Wembley Stadium, and blasted We are the Champions at an unholy volume.

Yes. Very happy.

This morning, my mom woke me up at 7 am to wrap my dad's Father's Day presents (Happy Father's Day, by the way). I had stayed up 'til midnight or so working on Danny's present, so I was pretty out of it. Then, my mom comes in, not even letting me wake up a little or anything, saying, "Well, get up! Are you ready? C'mon! I told you not to stay up too late!" Yes, I mouthed back. I'm 15. It's my job.

But I obeyed. She handed me a card to fill out, and she started to wrap the gifts we had bought for my dad.

In the card, I started to write, "I love you very much," but had one little hiccup...

I misspelled the word "I."


I'm not joking. I could show you the card.

So, after that, we finished with the presents. My mom woke me up again around 8 or 9, nagging me about closet space and hangers. Then, she came back at 10, saying, "Well, you've slept enough. C'mon. Get up! Don't you want to see your dad and his presents? I told you you shouldn't have stayed up so late."

Dot. Dot. Dot.

I'm still half asleep.

And I know this is stupid of me. I know I shouldn't be irritated at her. But I am. Now she's trying to get me to clear out closet space...When I already cleaned out my closet. "Your clothes won't fit!" (Never had an issue before.) "How many more YEARS are you going to let it go? *insert exasperated, melodramatic sigh here*" She said this after I had said, "I'll do it after I'm done with this blog entry."

XD I know I sound stupid.

And teen angsty.

I love my mom, but sometimes she gets on my nerves. I'm sure I do the same to her.


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