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Saturday, June 14, 2008

6:48 in the morning...on a SATURDAY.

And I can't sleep. Woke up about six and laid in bed for a long time. Couldn't get comfortable. Now my head hurts like a mother flamingo.


Ah, well. Roofers are coming to our house mom and I are evacuating the premisis.

My dog won't listen to me...

Yayz! He obeyed.

ANYWAY. I started thinking, while in bed. Just...about things in general. And I got so excited that I couldn't even consider sleeping anymore.

Happened last night, too. Took me ages to get to sleep. XD

Just thinking, well...get ready to barf! about Danny.

I've been thinking about him a lot lately. A lot more than usual. I guess because I've been working on his present...and he likes it thus far. ^_^

I feel like a little kid on Christmas...except minus the shiny wrapping paper and mistletoe.

I don't feel like I'm making any sense. Perhaps I should go get some coffee before I try to explain...XD

I love him. That would sum it all up, wouldn't it? But...gah. XD He's amazing.


Geez, you could have WARNED me you were going to barf.

Ah, well. Never liked these shoes, anyway.

Oh, and if you've never heard My Sacrifice by Creed, that's your homework. Go listen to it. Creed was my favorite band in, like, third grade--I had fairly heavy tastes for a nine year old--and I've recently rediscovered them...My Sacrifice brings tears to my eyes nearly every time I hear it. It's great--they're happy tears! I'm not emo! XD "Brings tears to my's great": that sounded a tad masochistic...

Anyway. It's 6:56 now. I should really go...Yo estoy preparando para se dice "evacuation" en espanol? XD

But, before I go...
0H N03S!!! M0NK3Y W1TH A CAMARA!!!!
(Turn up the volume...My mic sucks.XD)

(Okay, now turn the volume DOWN. Don't want to blow out your speakers...This one's normal volume level.)


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