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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Why, yes, I AM a nerd.

(Three points if you know the owl's name.)
Why? Well, I've been reading The Once and Future King for school. Okay, so that's not nerdy. What IS nerdy, however, is that I've been doing background reading on all of the characters, mentally comparing them to T.H. White's versions...Yes, I like the book that much. Even though it's a complete and utter tome and it's taking me ages to read.

Nerdiest of all: I've been quoting Merlyn--my favorite character--to everybody that would listen.

I'm rediscovering fantasy.

I want to reread Lord of the Rings, even.

Whoo!!! I beith a nerdy nerd!!!

Okay, now that that's out of the way...

The main reason I'm on here blogging at the oh-so-early time of 10:12 AM (*cough*) after I've just woken up is to say that Morgause is a cat-killing whore.


Wait, I had a dream...

Oh, yeah! XD

It was completely un-Arthurian, but still kind of fun. In it, I was this assassin, but I was undercover. Basically, in the dream, there was this one girl with this huge rifle trying to kill everybody in the rotunda of my school. I basically ran towards the rotunda, looking scared and confused, and told everybody else to leave out of the other end of the hallway, not to follow me. I continued the innocent look, even until I pulled this tiny gun from my sleeve and shot the girl in the temple. There was no mess...I don't even remember any noise. But she died.

I ran out as fast as I could, thinking that nobody had seen me. I joined my classmates, freaking out over the classmate-turned-murderer-with-a-rifle. But there was this tall Russian guy (a character of mine from 5th grade or soXD) who later introduced himself as Vikovi that saw what I did. He came up to me, a puzzled look on his face, and started to hint that he knew.

So I ran.

He followed, saying he just wanted to talk.

I think I woke up when he caught me...

So...I dunno! Sounded like a cool beginning to a story, with perhaps a little bit of tweaking...Or maybe I'll think it was completely and utterly stupid once I wake up more.

Ah, well.

It was fun.

Vikovi was hot. Tall, black hair, icy blue eyes...

I don't know why, but he kinda looked like Danny...


*ahem* I really should get some coffee and wake up properly before I say something I'll regret.

Love ya!



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