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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Audrey Kitching
(Ze Audrey Kitching!!! Am I turning scene?...Mehbeh...XD But who cares? Her hair matches my blog background!)
I feel dumb. And crappy. Can't forget crappy. My head hurts mucho...XD And I am le tired. And I have a buttload of homework...EVEN THOUGH IT'S THE END OF THE YEAR. And I just made a major idiot of myself.

Well, Danny sent a package to me, and he said that it should be here today. So I flipped out when I saw a package on the mailbox. A few of my friends gathered around: they were excited, too. I ripped open the box, giggling, then...

The box was a book addressed to my dad.


I need some sleep. But I can't sleep. I love irony!


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