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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Bow!!!

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(I made that ages ago...Not sure if I showed it to you...but it's me! Sorta...XD)
First, let us get the attention of Grey, Crazyus vegetarianus.



She is giving us a "WTF" look, a "What the flamingo" look. She is analyzing us, deciding if we are worth her time.

We shall have to appease the Grey.

We shall send her a picture of her good old fashioned lover boy. (POINTS TO WHOEVER KNOWS THAT REFERENCE!!!)
my guitar hero


She seems skeptical of our attention-getting.



And we have her attention.

Grey was very happy today. Giddily so. Especially because she was wearing her favorite sweater...
My collar
Some of her favorite jeans...
You know you like that leg...
One of her favorite tshirts...She can't help but stroke the hair of the Golden Haired God...
Sexy Robert!
...And some frickin' amazing shoes.
omg shoe!
But the thing that makes her the happiest is her hair bow.
But Grey is sort of sad. She is never going to wear this bow ever ever again.
Why, you ask? Because she is sending the bow on a trip across the pond to this Danny fellow.
Her bow shall be in good hands. This makes Grey happy.
Okay, so that was more of a Grey smirk. We need a Grey smile, not one that looks like she just had the world's naughtiest thought involving a hairbrush and Jimmy Page...
There! There it is! Ladies and gentlemen, we've actually caught the creature smiling! And a fake smile, too!!!

Okay, nature show motif over.

Yep. Danny, I'm sending you my bow. It is my favorite bow in the whole wide world. It makes me happy. I know you don't exactly wear bows in your hair (although that would be pretty hot), but...I dunno. XD Just take good care of it, kays?

Love ya!


PS: Happy halfversary, Danny!


  • At 11:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thankyee :P Happy half-versary to you, too!


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