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Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Pete Townshend!

pete townshend
Pete Townshend
pete townshend bw
Yep! Today is the fabulous Birdman's 63 birthday. WE LOVE YA, PETE!!!!! Hugs and kisses for the fantasmic guitarist of the "'orrible" Who. ^_^

Okay...Now, that was why my day wasn't horrible.:P

I couldn't think of anything to write...So I drew. Sucky drawing, but it was fun. Very George Michael-ish: she had one cross earring and "WHAM!" written on her tank top.

Yeah...So that was sorta fun.

I got a 94% on my lit EOCT. Not cool. You see, that brought down my GPA. I'm not complaining because of the grade. No, I'm complaining because of how it was graded.

You know how a lot of things are graded on a curve? Like, if a test is really hard, you'll get a higher grade just so the grades even out? Well, that's how it worked for everyone else: I saw people that had missed between eight and ten questions, and they all had grades that were no more than three points below mine.

I missed TWO and I got a 94%. I should have gotten a 98% (it was an 80 question test), or a 97% at the least, but instead I got a low A. So I sound like an overachiever. I know I am one. But I'm aiming for valedictorian, and if my grade is going to be thrown off like that just to match some stupid curve, I don't see how I'll make it.

So, yeah. Just a little pissed off, especially since I checked over the entire test THREE TIMES IN DETAIL.

Anyway...I've got to go study. I have a biology EOCT tomorrow.

The curve should die. If you suck, you suck. Deal with it. But the people that work their asses off to ace a test shouldn't be brought down just to make the people that suck look better.

Another kicker? That grade is 15% OF MY FINAL GRADE.



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