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Sunday, March 01, 2009

March the First!

And you know what that means? Nooooo? Shame. XD

It's Roger "The Chest" Daltrey's birthday today! He's 65.

And I sadly couldn't get on the computer when George Harrison had his birthday, but, if he was still alive, he would have turned 66 on 25 February.


Roger again Pictures, Images and Photos

George Harrison Pictures, Images and Photos
(^Thought this was too awesome.XD If you haven't seen Help!, do.)

And I also wanted to say something about Muse. :) They are releasing a new album. Not sure when, but Danny does! Danny, when you get a chance, please leave an entry about it.^_^

Also...If ever you've read into groupies, you'll find that a few of them took offense at being called "groupies" because of what it connoted. Lori Maddox even said once that they were "band-aids," not groupies, and Peter Grant went on about what a help girls like her were to the tour: they accompanied the band, helped them with chores, etc. Of course, there was still the sexual aspect. What do you think? Are groupies and band-aids the same, or different? Do you think they were trashy? A help? A hurt?

And just for kicks, here's a picture of Lovely Lori Maddox with Keith Moon. She's to the right. :)
Lori Maddox with Jimmy Page Pictures, Images and Photos


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