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Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Danny here with some info about the new Muse album. Yay ^_^

"We can feel the heat. The amount of Muse news flooding in our direction has been relentless! We have new album rumours, mysterious youtube videos and the forums are buzzing! The build up to album number 5 has begun!

New Muse Album - September!
A former publicist for Warner Music has announced that a September '09 release date has been earmarked for Muse's currently untitled new album. Muse have been working on their latest offering for nearly 2 years now, and September seems to be a reasonable time for its release. Read the discussion."

So, who's getting it the day it comes out? THE SECOND? Maybe just me...nah, I'm not that obsessed. But I will have it on the day. I should hope you're all doing the same ;)

I'll be posting another entry soon when I've finished my soon-to-be-finished guitar. Pictures, too - yay! Maybe even sound, if I have time before handing it in. I'm anxious to see how it comes out when it's all together and working.

Bye for now =)


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