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Here are some random ramblings of a girl that will probably end up in an insane asylum sometime in her near future...Kookookachoo. She loves her Queen, she loves her Beatles and her Who and her Zeppy and her music in general. She loves her writing. She loves love. And she loves you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just checking in.

Trying to get in a better mood...I'm tired, sick, and mad at pretty much the whole world. I love being female!

XD Anyway.

I'd better go ahead and get ahead on some long term homework before I have to go to bed early.

I love you all.

And Danny...Well, you know. <3 You're the only thing keeping me sane right now.XD that I'm done with my homework for tonight.

Hm...I should give some music-related news...


Go see them.

I want to. XD

Stop bashing Breaking Dawn. That's an order.


I've got to go to bed. XD This cold is making me looooooopy.

Love you guys!

PS: Jacob? Get your head out of your ass. You'll suffocate eventually.


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