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Monday, August 28, 2006


Sorry I haven't posted in a little while...I've been up to my neck in this science project.

Anyways, I thought I'd chat it up a little bit about my favorite guitar, Brian May's baby, the Red Special!

THE Red Special, which Bri is playing in the bottom pic, was made by Mr.May himself, along with his dad, was built over a two year period, starting from August, 1963. Most of the wood of the body comes from an old fireplace, the position inlays are mother of pearl, and the tremolo bar was made from a knife edge and two motorbike valve springs...He's creative. ; )

He spent about 17 1/2 British pounds on it...kinda funny since a replica of the real thing (which Bri had to have restored recently, but is still playing) costs about $3,000...ha ha!

And the accoustic above? Something Bri and Co. just came out with this year...the Red Special Accoustic!

Well, I gotta stop yammering over my dream guitar; it's kinda late (for me).

Oh, quick note! Tomorrow starts what I'm gonna call "Mercury Madness Week," and it's gonna last from tomorrow to his bday...I shall post many Freddie related vids, *hopefully* one a day!

And, people, this is pointed at my friends who say they visit but don't and then they do but don't leave a comment and that makes me sad (;_;)...




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