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Monday, August 14, 2006

Queen Quiz

Which Queen member are you?

You are Brian May!You're hard working, but also quite down to earth and very loyal. You like sciency things, maths and astronomy. But you're also sweet, loving and genuine. You also love to spend time at home with your loved ones.
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Got this from was kinda fun, thought I'd post it. ; )

Besides...Brian May is hot. lol.

Freddie's dern fine, too...

Oh, I just now remembered a little Freddie scenario that happened in my language arts class last year. We had all made scrap book pages for our student teacher, who was leaving us to graduate. Since I had done a poetry project earlier in the year, I put in a pic of Edgar Allan Poe. And, for the same reason, I put in a pic of Freddie (most fun project I've ever done...and I got an A+ on it, too. WoOt!). This one girl says out loud upon seeing said pic of Freddie, "He's cute! <3".>_<

I quickly pointed out to my friend, who sat next to me, "She's so clueless. Everybody knows Freddie's a rotten fruit...not to mention, MY rotten fruit." lol

This was not an insult to Freddie, but my friends all refer to gay guys we like as "fruit," and since Freddie's dead (T_T) we called him "rotten." lol

...My friends are weird...

Anyways, Freddie, if ya can hear me, I LOVE YA MAN!


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